Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saw : A Hardcore Parody (2010)

One of the better pron parody's to come out in a little while or maybe it just appeals to me. Ron Jeremy takes on the role of the Jigsaw character but in this parody his name is Screwball. Jeremy is killing off the so called stars in the porno industry with stupid contraptions that aren't to far off from something you would see in one of the Saw movies.
The movie opens up with a man who has his penis chained up to a meat grinder and his ass chained to a huge dildo. The man has to take his pick between losing his genitals in true Ted V. Michael's meat grinding fashion or having his anus penetrated by a huge fucking dildo. Right from the beginning Saw : A Hardcore Parody had me laughing and the only audience I could really see this movie arousing would probably be the hardcore fetish crowd because most of the scenes contain bondage, leather hoods, fuck machines, gas masks and other contraptions of the same class.
Once I got to the half way mark I started to sense a sort of mockery towards new pornography or fuck tapes as I like to call it. The movie pays homage to classic porn like Behind The Green Door in more then one scene and as the plot (If you can call it that) unfolds we learn that Screwball (Ron Jeremy) has a deep animosity for new porno movies. His best line in the movie is "you call this smut a film? There is no plot and no climax other then a girl taking a load between the eyes! Wheres the art?" His words were my thoughts exactly and its no secret that I am a avid viewer of classic film in general and pretty much hate the modern format of movie making.
Ron Jeremy has a bit of trouble getting it up at first but eventually manages to keep it up and he digs deep into his old bag of filthy tricks and brings back his infamous countdown. This time he climaxes on the count of 15 seconds and it was nice to see Jeremy do something other then sweat.
This one also managed to keep a good sense of humor and one of the better examples is a scene with a brain-dead porn-star strapped to a electric chair. She has a certain amount of time to spell the word fellatio correctly or she will be fried alive. Another entertaining scene involves Evan Stone in a threesome. Stone is sewn up after a surgery and has a device planted in his chest. He has to keep an erection and last in a hardcore sex scene for 30 minutes. His sewn up chest was actually convincing and a bit disturbing to watch in a sex scene.
Saw : A Hardcore Parody also offers up one squirter, one salad tossing scene, 2 threesomes, one anal scene, eye balls being poked out, a drill through the back of the head and a gang-bang. Worth a watch for anyone who likes horror movies and porn parody's but a better watch for anyone who wants a sleazy flick that isn't afraid to make fun of genre flicks of today.

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