Monday, November 15, 2010

Devil In Miss Jones (1973)

Gerard Damiano has his second huge hit after Deep Throat with The Devil In Miss Jones. He brings back Harry Reems and makes Georgina Spelvin a star in the golden age of American pornography.
From the opening scene The Devil In Miss Jones is as far from anything you would see in a porn flick today as possible. It opens up with Georgina Spelvin slashing her wrists and taking her life in a bathtub. The blood spews from her wrists and the bath water turns red. The combination of the graphic suicide and the down trodden music makes for a pretty depressing scene and the film manages to hold this mood till the final. After the opening suicide Spelvin finds herself at a long table discussing her eternity in hell. In the film Spelvin lived a clean life and died a virgin. She tells the man at the table that if she had a life to live over "she would live a life consumed and engulfed by lust", her wish is granted and she is de-virginized by Harry Reems who plays the devil. 
 Reems takes her vaginal and anal virginity and teaches her how to please the opposite sex. Once Spelvin is sent back amongst the living she sinks deeper and deeper into depravity and becomes more jaded with every sex scene. Spelvin does a good job in not only her sex scenes but is convincing as an actress as well. She also delivers some pretty shocking scenes especially for the time. One of which is double penetration scene. Another is a enema in a bathtub and the most memorable image involves a snake. Spelvin allows a snake to slither between her legs and over naked body. She holds the snake to her open mouth and she takes turns flicking tongues with the reptile. The music is excellent and adds a lot of atmosphere to the film.
The films tagline stated If You Have To Go To Hell... Go For A Reason. It suits the film pretty well in a witty way and in the end of the film Spelvin is brought back to the underworld and she excepts her fate in a place with no pleasures of the flesh. The film ends with Georgina Spelvin and the director Gerard Damiano locked in a room. Spelvin sits in front of Damiano and masturbates, begging for him to touch her. Damiano rants on and on about demons and flies coming for him when he sleeps and other nonsense. It makes for a pretty bleak ending and shows the hopelessness that the couple will endure for a eternity.
The Devil In Miss Jones doesn't paint a happy picture and is able to be depressing and sexually stimulating at the same time. All in all its one hell of a movie.

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