Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Come With Me My Love (1976)

Like your hardcore XXX with a body count? Here's one for ya... Come With Me My Love opens up with a double murder, suicide. It starts with a sex scene set back in 1925. A man walks in to find his wife sitting on another mans face and blowing him. I guess he isn't the biggest fan of 69 position because he shoots them both dead and then blows his brains out. Jump forward to 1976 and a woman is moving into the apartment where the threesome met their violent end. Little does she know the house is still haunted with the ghost of the killer. This ghost is one hell of a possessive guy because he becomes quite attached to the new girl. He even puts his ex-wife's ring on her finger. Oh, and he also kills off every guy who she sleeps with.

Come With Me My Love also known as Come With Me My Ghost a.k.a The Haunted Pussy and Stay With Me My Love was directed by Sexploitation pioneer Doris Wishman. Despite her lies about never doing a pornographic film, here it is. The director is credited as Luigi Manicottale but it is no other then Mrs. Doris (Nude On The Moon) Wishman. The awful dubbing and odd choice of music kind of proves that its a Doris Wishman flick. Still it proves to be another oddity title from the queen of exploitation. Its a horror/ghost/porno flick and it casts Vanessa Del Rio, Annie Sprinkles, and Robert Kerman from Cannibal Holocaust and Debbie Does Dallas. Come With Me My Love offers up a heavy breathing ghost, a crazy kid who hides behind trees and throws snowballs at porn stars and a body count of 7. Three deaths by gun shot, A man is electrocuted in the bathtub with the old toaster oven trick. Annie Sprinkles catches a knife between her giant jugs, A man is pushed out of a city building window and we get a drug over dose.

What Come With Me Does not offer is a coherent plot line, Which is pretty normal for a Wishman flick. Its pretty much a giant jumble of sex scenes and heavy breathing ghosts. It really had potential to be a great 70's porn flick but falls short with the exhausting porn scenes. Of course its still a million times more interesting then anything that anyone is putting out today. Its just to bad Wishman didn't put a little more effort into it.

A interesting watch for Wishman fans and anyone who is into the most bizarre of classic adult cinema. Everyone else should probably skip it. This thing is available through VCX Video, Something Weird Video and was also released on a double bill with Satan Was A Lady (1975).

Friday, March 25, 2011

Behind The Green Door (1972)

The film that the Mitchell Brothers would never be able to live up to. Its called Behind The Green Door and it truely is a classic in every sense of the word. I can only imagine what was going on in peoples heads as they left the theaters in 1972 or at least those of them who were not spanking off.

The plot is as simple as they come but the depth of camera work and artistic expression goes way beyond. Behind The Green Door tells the tale of Gloria, played by Marilyn Chambers (Rabid) who is abducted and taken to a sort of secret underground swingers club where she will be sodomised on stage in front of a audience which consists of horny deviants.

The movie makes sure to explain that Gloria will not be harmed and will end up remembering nothing more then feeling completely satisfied.

The beauty of the film however does not lie within the plot. Or really within the sex even. Behind The Green Door turns out to be nothing more then a art film with tons of experimental ideas which take place in front and behind the camera. Of course we do have the sexy stuff with scenes of the "Black Stud" played by the awesome leotard wearing, face painted Johnnie Keyes and a wild orgy which displays every kind of taboo from huge naked fat women to chicks with dicks but even most of the sex scenes turn out to be very artsy with outrageously colorful and almost psychedelic cum-shots and we even get a trapeze sex act.

Behind The Green Door is a must see for anyone with any interest in adult cinema from the 70's and I would even go as far as to say for anyone who loves 70's cinema in general. Check it out for a weird time with clowns, sodomy and men diving into vagina's. The film is guaranteed to leave its impression on anyone with half a brain.

Soft Places (1978)

Soft Places is another weird one from the sick and sleazy 70's. Directed by Joanna Williams who did the amazing rape/revenge flick Expensive Taste. This one stars Annette Haven, who is left a widow and has a lot of money coming her way as long as she is willing to follow the instructions that her husband has left for her on a tape recording. "I will not follow instructions from that dead animal" she states in her lawyers office after listening to the wishes of her dead husband. She then goes on to tell how her husband was a mean, violent man without a loving bone in his body.
The tape tells Havens character to masturbate in front of a mirror and learn to love herself. Then to masturbate in front of other men so they can love her too. Then her "Dead animal" of her husband demands she makes love with other women and eventually with another man. Of course Haven gives in and turns out to be quite the nympho.

Soft Places casts some of the ugliest people (aside from Annette Haven of course) in adult history. Many of the actors seem to be junkies or prostitutes taken off the streets. Most of the men can not get it up and looking at the women I can't blame them but what Soft Places does offer is some very strange and of course sleazy happenings. First off we get a sort of Invisible Man homage. There is a sex scene where an Invisible Man (unfortunately not Claude Rains) strips his long jacket and hat. All we see is his penis which obviously is visible and his white gloves. Haven blows the transparent horny fucker and pulls his pud off into a glass of wine and then she slams it down with a face that says... I want more. Then we have a scene where a bearded man sucks a transsexuals dick and eats its ass out. We also get a crazy fight scene in a bar with a pretty amazing stunt for a porno film. Then theres a really silly masturbation scene in a dressing room involving coat hangers and dirty panties. We also get some fat woman loving and last but not least we get one of the strangest forms of necrophilia I have ever seen on film. We get a hardcore XXX fuck scene involving some ashes from a cremated man.
Soft Places might not be the best of 70's smut and I recommend Expensive Taste over it any day but it certainly is a strange one and every scene is unpredictable. Only recommended for hardcore collectors of 70's porn.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Manhattan Baby (1982)

Manhattan Baby is one of Lucio Fulci's worst films and its almost impossible to believe this thing came out the same year as New York Ripper which is (In my opinion) one of his best films. Where New York Ripper is a fast paced, mean spirited, ultra violent Giallo. Manhattan Baby is a slow moving super natural flick. It truly is a sleeper.
In the beginning of the film we see two men exploring a tomb in Egypt. We are treated to a eye wound when one of the men fall through a secret trap door and is impaled on spikes. Being that this is a Lucio Fulci film naturally a spike goes through the mans eye.
Don't let this bit of violence fool you. From here on its a slow talky drama with much to much child acting in it.
Giovanni Frezza, who most would remember better as Bob from House By The Cemetery plays the son of the survivor from the Egyptian tomb eye-wound scene. In this one his name is Tommy and although not quite as annoying as Bob, its still irritating to look at his face through the run time. Tommy and his sister (some how) get a hold of a medallion from the ancient tomb. The medallion holds some sort of evil power and the kids become possessed.

 Then we have a bunch of unsuccessful old school scare gags, like creaky doors shutting on their own, lightning storms, sand appears in the house along with a scorpion. The kids baby sitter disappears along with a friend of the family. Fulci even brings back the white eye gag from the far Superior gore flick The Beyond.

Aside from the spike through the eye scene the only other gore we get comes towards the end of the film and most normal humans will be nodding out by then. We get this awesome scene which Dario Argento might have lifted from for Opera (1987). It involves a man being horribly mutilated by birds. The birds rip huge chunks of flesh from the mans face and eventually he bleeds to death. Its a shame such a cool scene was wasted on such a awful movie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New York Ripper (1982)

My favorite of all Lucio Fulci films. New York Ripper is a extremely violent Giallo about a serial killer who is running around New York City quacking like a duck. (Yes you read that right) and slashing up young girls.
We have a detective and a psychological profiler on the case but the two always seem to show up to late or in the wrong place. We have a bunch of red herrings and the killer stays anonymous until the very end where he has half his face blown off.

Every character in this movie is overly sleazy. We have a heroin using, crack smoking, pervert, rapist who likes to tie women up and slash their breasts up. We have a nympho who spends her time roaming 42nd streets and attending live sex shows. We have a pervy swinging couple who record there sex acts on cassette and send a copy their spouse. Then there is one of my personal favorite scenes in a bar, involving a few trashy Hispanic fellows with pants so tight that you could almost count the veins in their balls. When women walk into their bar they sit her down and treat her to a beer before foot fucking them under the table. The Spanish men place a bet on whether or not the slut in the bar is wearing panties. Then he sticks his foot up her skirt and puts his toes where they just don't belong. All the while saying "She likes it!".
Then we have the typical Fulci, misogynist male characters. "You women are all the same! A menace to society! You women should stay at home where you belong. You've got the brains of a chicken!" and of course its only women being mutilated for the most part. We get gut stabbing, throat slashing, a broken bottle is shoved up a strippers vagina, nipples are split in half with a razor blade, a nasty razor to the hand scene, a head explosion, a razor to the eyeball, chest stabbing, etc. All the while the killer is going Quack! Quack! Quack!.
New York Ripper is a must see for anyone who likes their Giallo's very trashy and very gory. Its sure to make you quack up.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

13 Ghosts (1960)

William Castle is famous for his gimmicks and his fun, silly brand of horror films. Sure their cheesy but their still fun. This one is about a family who inherit a house haunted by (yes, you guessed it) 13 Ghosts.
The ghosts can only be seen through the special "Ghost Viewer Glasses" Which were of course also handed out in theaters during the "Illusion-O" screenings. Some of the ghosts look pretty cool. We have a zombie-looking corpse running around. Then thers a decapitated ghost and we even have lion roaming around the house.
Aside from the 13 Ghost's, the house also has a large sum of money hidden somewhere within it. A handsome, manipulative, murderer wants to get his hands on the money before the ghosts get to him.

13 Ghosts offers up cheesy f/x, flying axes, the good old falling chandelier gag, the worlds biggest 3-D glasses, repetitive stairway banister sliding, a wicked witch, flying milk containers, kids with bull whips, murderous beds, head eating lions and 13 silly transparent ghosts.

Cheesy or not, I'll take the original 1960 version any day over that Hollywood remake that came out in the 2000's. William Castles films live on forever in the hearts of countless fans while the unimaginative waste of time remake is virtually forgotten in 10 years.

Awakening Of The Beast (1970)

José Mojica Marins also known as Coffin Joe has always been a master in the bizarre. With the popularity of At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul and his strange vision of hell confined within the film. His very name alone struck fear amongst the people of Brazil. I once read that parents would scare their children into being good by telling them that if they are bad Coffin Joe would come for them.

It seems that maybe Coffin Joe was almost trying to destroy the myth behind his name with this film but yet uphold his controversial status and continue down his path in cinema of the strange. Awakening Of The Beast starts off like a Sexploitation flick with lots of skin and all sorts of perverse acts all told in a conference concerning the drug problem in Brazil and a doctor who is writing a book on addicts. We see a girl shoot up and strip for a bunch of sleazy men while an awesome record spins. The men then pass the naked girl a pot so she can release some body fluids for their sexual amusement. Then we get a bunch of Beatniks who grope a school girl until a bongo playing hippie type, dressed as Jesus sticks a giant walking stick up inside of the girls most sacred place. We get some interracial action and a cocaine abusing woman who has a very strange relationship with her horse. Then we have our basic Roughie type stuff with women being smacked around by sweaty men and thers also a quite strange scene involving some foreplay and pasta. Eck!

Eventually four of these sexual deviates are brought together by the doctor and the four sex/drug addicts agree to drop some acid and have their behavior recorded. Little did they know they would be taking a acid trip to hell. The doctor uses Coffin Joe and the power of suggestion to get inside these expanded trippy-minds and the four losers descend into the bizarre world of fire and torture.
Coffin Joe appears and disappears in bright colorful lights. He shoots flames from his fingertips and and basically just raises hell. He brings the pleasures and the tortures of hell to the screen in a odd hallucinogenic collage of color and strange imagery. Women are striped naked and whipped. Men are layed down upon stairs becoming human stepping stones for Coffin Joe to walk upon. We also get one of the strangest scenes in cinema history. We see these strange red, luminating faces... With hands moving about and one of them is smoking a cigarette. At first these faces seem to be masks but once the eyes focus in on what is really on display we realize that it is a bunch of human asses with faces painted on them. Its one of those things that has to be seen to be believed.

Once the addicts come down from their trip we learn that they were given sugar pills and the power of suggestion along with a little Coffin Joe was all they needed to dream up their very own hell. Next director José Mojica Marins appears and yells "Cut" and the film abrubtly ends. I find it funny that a man who had as much controversy behind is name, like Coffin Joe would try to destroy the myth in a Jodorowski, Holy Mountain way. After all its only a movie...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reflections (1977)

This 70's smut flick is sort of a mix between Taboo and Behind The Green Door and at first glance it almost seems like one big Taboo ripoff. To bad Reflections came out about three years before the incestuous classic.
Reflections is yet another tale of incest from the golden age of porn. It involves a brother and sister and their cousin Connie. Through the majority of the film it seems that there is just a big love triangle between the three family members but things get kind of tense when conversations of their childhood comes up. Jealousy rears its ugly head and poor brother seems to be getting the brunt of it. Sister and cousin seem to be playing tug of war with him and nobody is giving him release. He spends most of the film trying to fuck his family members and the most gets is a satin gloved hand-job. One cant help but wonder if the two girls are purposely teasing the horny teen.
Brother has enough of the "games" and drugs his cousin Connie. He performs some oral sex on her and then shoves his man meat down her sleeping throat but before he gets any further his sister comes in and fucks everything up. Brother doesn't get his (full) rape on but sister does. She straps a dildo on Connie and rides it hard.
Brother throws a big party and it turns out to be nothing more then a Behind The Green Door type orgy with face masks and all kinds of strange happenings. We have shrimp cocktail being shoved into vagina's along with whipped cream. Linda Wong also shows up for the best sex scene of the film with John Leslie. The couple get in on with the use of a ladder.
The whole thing comes to a giant what the fuck end... It leaves you wondering what the hell just happened and is pretty disappointing. Brother finally gets Connie and then sister comes in and fucks him in the ass with a strap-on. He begs her to stop but she continues to plow away. She pulls off her mask and brother lets out a cry worse then he did when he was being anal raped by sissy. Then the film erubtly ends. I still have no idea what the point of the ending was and I'm confused as hell.
Still despite my confusion Reflections is another trashy 70's porn flick with a real downer vibe. Well worth a watch. Where else are you going to see shrimp shoved up in sacred places? I just wish somebody would tell me what the ending was supposed to mean.?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)

Average 70's sex comedy about three girls who work as (Yes you guessed it) Candy Stripe Nurses. The movie doesn't really follow one particular story line. Instead its kind of all over the place. We have a Spanish babe who is a bit of a rebel. She likes to fight and she eventually falls for a Spanish guy who was framed for a gas station robbery and shooting. Then we get this short haired artsy-fartsy type babe who falls for a junkie jock. Last but not least we have a nympho blond who has a thing for rock stars.
Dick Miller has a cameo as a angry loud mouth prick in the bleachers of a basketball game. "Your mother blows goats" he yells into the crowd before he has some popcorn dumped over his head.

Candy Stripe Nurses offers up lots of nudity from pretty good looking girls. We also have some streaking when a bunch of guys get naked and run through a basketball game. We have drug abuse, gun violence and even a rape scene thrown in for good measures. Still Candy Stripe Nurses is really just a time passer. There isn't anything to memorable about the movie and it really could be skipped all together but if you really like 70's sex comedies or just naked girls in general I suppose you could do much worse then this.

The Taking Of Christina (1976)

The Taking Of Christina is another 70's sickie from director Armand Weston (Defiance Of Good). This one is a rape/revenge flick that is supposed to be based on a true story. True or not its an awesome flick with ultra violence, rape and of course hardcore XXX sex.
Virginal Christina is only days away from her wedding when she is abducted by two ex convicts. She is raped and beaten by these two scumbags but in time she almost seems to be enjoying it.She convinces the traveling criminals to take her with them and she leads them into a trap of revenge that ends with a bloody mess in the snow.
Like Defiance Of Good, you really can see the talent behind this thing. The Taking Of Christina is not just your average smut flick. We get nice camera work with depressing music and we even get a decent actor here and there. Right from the beginning of the movie its obvious that this thing is going to end in tragedy and fortunately for us it does. It ends with a shotgun blast to the face. One of our rapists even has his penis blown off with a exploding crotch squib. Another man is stabbed to death and Charles Bronson even appears in a sex scene in a giant poster on the wall. Bronson's mustache and wrinkly face is exactly what the people need during a filthy orgy.
I watched this one with a bunch of friends and everyone was cheering on the penis-wound revenge scene and of course Bronson's big appearance in a 70's porn flick. This just goes to show that adult cinema was and still should be so much better then the crap that these money hungry rapists put out today. Grab a few friends and a few cold ones and check this one out for a filthy good time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blue Voodoo (1984)

What a let down this one was. Vanessa Del Rio is one of my favorites in classic smut, with her ultra trashy filmography of fetish and filth but even the Latina anal queen from the golden age of blue cinema couldn't save this one.
Blue Voodoo is about some toolbox named Jason who uses women for their money and leaves them broken hearted. Vanessa Del Rio plays a Voodoo Priestess who for some reason chooses to take revenge against Jason. She summons a woman named the Black Widow to act out the deed of vengeance but for some reason before killing Jason she aids other losers act out their fantasies.
All I want to know is who the hell wrote this thing. This is the worst plot I have ever heard of and the movie is just as bad as the writing. One of the biggest surprises is that Blue Voodoo was directed by one of my favorite porn directors. It was Armand Weston's (Defiance Of Good, Taking Of Christina) last film and its almost impossible to believe that this shot on video mess came from the same man.
In the big revenge scene Samantha Fox is masturbating on top of a bathroom sink, splashing water where the sun don't shine. Jason treats her to a good pounding and then the movie cuts away to our Black Widow dancing at some shitty strip club and slashing her own naked flesh with a big kitchen knife. For some reason every time she cuts in with the knife the same wounds appear on Jason. Samantha Fox seems to enjoy the blood on her lover and rides him harder. Jason doesn't have a normal pop shot. Instead there is a bit of red stuff flying around. This scene might sound good on paper but it came off as a mess on video. Oh and speaking of video, we are forced to watch all these really cheesy video fades and dissolves right in the middle of sex scenes and it gets pretty damn annoying.
Robert Kerman, Sharon Mitchell, Joey Silvera and Jaimie Gillis also show up in Blue Voodoo and the only entertaining moment in the whole movie involves Gillis screwing a girl in a crib, wearing a baby diaper and spraying milk from her bottle all over her face and breasts. Its great watching Gillis trying not to laugh during this scene. I however am still not laughing at this 80's piece of garbage.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last House On Dead End Street (1977)

Last House On Dead End Street also known as Cuckoo Clocks From Hell a.k.a. The Fun House is in my opinion one of the greatest horror flicks of all time. There is plenty of background story to this ultra nasty cult flick from cinema madman Roger Watkins. Such as the film being cut down by hours and then going missing for decades and never really been released on video. Well fortunately for us Barrel Entertainment released this thing maybe about 10 years ago and put out an excellent DVD packed full of interviews, diary notes from Watkins, a trailer, a music video from Necrophagia, a huge book with pictures and interviews and more.
I first saw Last House On Dead End Street when I was about 15. I remember sitting there in room with the door locked, feeling like I was doing something wrong as I ventured into this strange horrifying world of Terry Hawkins, a young man (I believe he is 21) who is released from prison after serving a stint for drug trafficking. Instead of starting a new straight life Terry decides to lash out on society and shock the world with his form of payback. Hawkins rounds up a few local low life's and together they make some snuff films.

Last House On Dead End Street is notorious for its gruesome gore scenes but for me this is not where the horror is. For me this thing was so scary because of how bizarre it all was. This thing was shot on 16mm and 35mm and it is so gritty it makes Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like Avatar. The dubbing is so far out and weird and for some reason it makes Dead End Street that much more creepy. Then we have Terry Hawkins and his crew. They look like members of the Manson family and looking at it now, there is no doubt that the Manson murders inspired this thing.
In one of the most memorable scenes a woman paints her face up in Al Jolson style Black/Face and is whipped by a midget while a bunch of pervy art fags watch in delight and her husband sits in the other room watching stag films. If that's not trashy, I don't know what is. Then we have a strangulation, some hot-poker-fu, a rotting faced blind man, very weird masks and a very strange scene involving a topless woman with horns and a cow hoove protruding from her crotch and a male victim is forced on his knees to perform oral sex on the cow hoove. This scene is weird, sleazy and creepy all at once. These are the kinds of moments that film makers should wish they could capture today. Then we have a electric drill to a eyeball and of course the real controversial scene. A woman is strapped to a table with all white sheets. First her face is slashed up with a scalpel and then her leg is sawed off with a hack-saw. She passes out from loss of blood but is woken up with sniffing salt and she sort of kicks her legless nubs around and lets out some awful screams. Then her guts are all ripped out by hand after her stomach is cut open with a pair of metal schears. Guinea Pig 2 : Flowers Of Flesh And Blood clearly tried to reenact this moment of gore genius. The camera takes a position from above the red stained white sheets and gives the viewer a very unsettling look at the gore. Id say its one of the most memorable scenes in horror history. Last House On Dead End Street also has some slaughter house footage as well with cows having their throats slashed and blood spewing all over the place.
Maybe someday some one will find the remaining footage for this thing and release it as the Fun House but until then we are stuck with Last House On Dead End Street and its a horrible thing to be stuck with (In a good way).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Madman (1982)

Madman also known as Madman Marz is a pretty silly slasher flick from the early 80's about a axe wielding Madman and yes you guessed it, his name is Marz and hes back from the grave and he has a bone to pick with anyone who calls his name out. When a group of campers sit around a campfire and challenge the legend of Madman Marz the heads start rolling. Literally! Madman Marz seems to favor decapitation by axe. He murdered his wife and children this way and now its stupid horny campers.
Gaylen Ross from Dawn Of The Dead shows up in this one as the shotgun wielding heroine who tries to save a bus load of young campers. Madman is one out of the short lived acting career for Gaylen. She only played in three movies until deciding to stay behind the camera and mainly sticking to documentaries. Well this was back in her sleazy horror days and she does have a sex scene in a hot-tub. However she doesn't show off much flesh and it comes off more like a love scene in a bad soap opera.

Madman is a pretty average slasher movie from this period with not to much memorable scenes. It lacks a bit in the gore department with to many off screen slashings. We do get some decapitations, throat slashings, hangings and a head is even cut off with the hood of a car. All in all it gets a bit repetitive but I suppose its a good time waster. Especially for those who don't expect much from their Slashers. So if you want him just say his name. Madman Marz will come take your head.

Mulholland Dr. (2001)

David Lynch gives us another weird one. It doesn't make much sense and it leaves you staring into space wondering what the fuck you just watched. I am partial to this one. I like the mood and dream like feel and certain parts are creepy while others are depressing and then we even have stuff that is pretty damn funny, especially a scene involving a hit-man who is having a pretty hard time pulling off a clean murder. On the other hand Mullholland Dr. is to damn long and it gets a bit slow. The runtime on this one is about 2 and a half hours long and I personally find myself getting sleepy some where around the half way point.
We do get this creepy burn-victim-bum who hangs out behind a dumpster of some shitty restaurant. Its to bad this guy doesn't have more screen time because he probably is the most entertaining character in the whole movie. That is of course aside from the incredibly sexy lead actress Laura Harring and she does do a few nudie scenes. She even does some lesbian things with Naomi Watts.

If you get aggravated easily when movies do not make sense. I would stay far away from this one but on the other hand if you can think of this as a weird dream you might find it strangely entertaining. I just wish there was a bit more flesh from mrs. Harring.

Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy is by far the best in the Chan-Wook Park Vengeance trilogy. Its the story of Dae-Su Oh, a man who is drugged and locked away in a prison for 15 years. During these 15 years of hell Dae-Su Oh attempts escape, suicide and trains his body and mind for the revenge he will seek out when he is free.  "I'll tear them limb from limb and nobody will ever find the body because I'm going to swallow every last bit." Once Dae-Su Oh is set free he first needs to track down the "dick-shits" that did this to him. Once he finds his enemey he has to chose weather or not to kill them or find out why they did this to him.
Oldboy is very violent with scenes of tongues being cut out. Teeth being ripped out by claw hammer. Heads being smashed with hammers. Stabbings, pipes and bats being used in big rumbles, Kung-Fu, dismemberment, gun-fights and head shots complete with red splatter. We also get to see Dea-Su Oh eat a octopus while its still alive and the tentacles slap his face as the animal tries to escape its death by being eaten alive. The actor really did eat this octopus alive and the scene is extremely vile. Along with all the nasty violence and strange happenings Oldboy has a very down feel to it. With a very dark depressing mood and some pretty nasty subject matter, involving lies, deception, incest and suicide.
Despite the depressing tone and dark subject matter, Oldboy still manages to be a beautiful work of art with amazing camera work that not only shows off beautiful shots but also adds to the story. The suggestive camera angles only serves to make the brilliant script stronger. In other words Oldboy is a Cinematic genius in every sense of the word. From the story to the cinematography and from the entertaining action to the incredibly sad tone.
Oldboy is a movie that really should be seen in its original Korean language with subtitles to be appreciated. I watched it for the first time dubbed recently and the dubbing really takes a lot away from the over all experience.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lady Terminator (1989)

Lady Terminator also known as Nasty Hunter is the first Indonesian film I have ever seen to my knowledge and its still probably my favorite. This crazy exploitation flick comes from the same lunatic that did Mystics In Bali and the ultra crappy Dangerous Seductress, which you can also read about on here. This movie on the other hand has to be the strangest take or weirdest rip off of Terminator in history.
It starts off with an Indonesian goddess (or witch) having sex with a dude with a crazy mustache. In the middle of their roll in the hay, blood starts spewing up all over the mans face. It turns out that this witch has a very hungry vagina and eats a lot of penis. The witches husband doesn't approve of all the fornicating and castrating and when he confronts her a snake slithers out of her vagina and turns into a dagger. She then places a curse on her husbands great grandmother. Fast forward a hundred or so years to 1989 and a young student becomes possessed by the evil witch after the snake enters her snatch. I know what you're thinking... This doesn't sound like The Terminator at all.
Well from here on the movie turns into a crazy exploitation version of The Terminator. In fact dozens of scenes are reenacted perfectly. We have the police station massacre, The 80's new wave club shoot out, scalpel to the eye, the shoot-em-up car chase scenes and of course some hungry, penis-munching, vagina action for good measures. Even the love scene is redone and let me tell ya, the dialogue leading up to that scene is just special. We also get piss drinking, lots of blood, naked Lady Terminator, eye violence, testicle kicking, really shitty 80's pop rock (Indonesian style), A bad-ass weed-smoking, mullet-head who kind of talks like he is in one of those Bill And Ted movies, burn victims and theres even some tanks and planes used in combat scenes.
Yes Lady Terminator is insane and yes Lady Terminator is a must see for anyone who loves off the wall movies from mars. Watch this one alone or with a group of beer guzzling friends. Either way its a great time and belongs in your collection. Mondo Macabro puts out a nice dvd print of this one and the dvd also offers up a great documentary on Indonesian exploitation films. I love this dvd with all my heart even if the packaging does lie and says there are more then one trailer on it. Yeah you guessed it, we only get the trailer for Nasty Hunter on here but hey, that's better then nothing and Mondo Macabro forever has my approval after releasing this one.