Friday, August 31, 2012

Deadbeat At Dawn (1988)

Deadbeat At Dawn is not exactly a horror movie but it might as well be because it is loaded to the brim with blood and gore. This late 80's splatter film follows an ex gang leader named Goose through a path of sex, drugs, crime, murder and revenge.

Deadbeat At Dawn would be the first feature film from young director, actor, stuntman etc. Jim Van Bebber. He would go on to do The Manson Family and a bunch of other morbid short films but Deadbeat At Dawn is my personal favorite of the lot.

To think a man in his mid twenties could deliver such a violent and nihilistic delight such as Deadbeat At Dawn without a major studio backing him is amazing.

The movie is so brutally violent and the stunts are outrageous. I'm sure many people got hurt filming this piece of mayhem. Jim Van Bebber himself acts out the craziest of stunts. Hanging from moving vehicles and being smashed into city buildings. I really wouldn't be surprised if he left this thing with a few broken bones or at least some stitches or something.

Jim Van Bebber plays Goose, the leader of a teenage street gang called The Ravens. The Ravens are perpetually at war with rival gang The Spyders. In the earlier moments of the film we are treated to a gang war in a cemetery which ends in a total blood bath. One guy gets his hand blown off in true Taxi Driver fashion and the leader of The Spyders gets cut up pretty bad by Goose. Goose is wounded pretty bad himself in the knife fight and we witness in great gory detail faces being slashed open, torso's being shanked and a really nasty slice to the palm of the hand which will be sewn up by hand in a bloody bathtub in the next scene and this is just a taste of things to come in the gore department. Deadbeat At Dawn is truly a gore-hounds delight.

Goose's girl Christy is getting tired of the gangs and fears that she will find her man dead in a filthy alley way one of these days. She convinces him to quit gang life. Goose tries his best at the nice life. He steals himself a motorcycle and takes Christy on a road trip. When they come back to their shit-hole home town, Goose goes to work selling dope on the streets. Rival gang members decide to get back at Goose by killing Christy but they are not content with just shooting her. Instead they send The Spyders most sadistic gang member Bone Crusher to break every bone in her body with a golf club. Then he rips her intestines out of her stomach. Later Bone Crusher explains that "Her intestines looked like little snakes coming out of her stomach". Bone Crusher is a total nihilist as is almost everybody in this movie and in one of his best scenes he explains "I just hate people and I don't care".

To continue the theme of nihilistic juvenile delinquents, when Goose finds his girlfriends mangled corpse he gives her a proper burial in a garbage compacter. He contemptemplates suicide but opts to join back up with the gangs instead. They rob an armored car and Goose takes off with the loot. It all comes together with an over the top bloody climax. Throats are ripped out (literally), brains are pulled from skulls, one guy catches a throwing star in the achy-breaky skull, another gets shot in the neck, fingers are bitten off and heads are severed.

There is no happy ending to speak of here but it sure will but a smile on the average demto's face. A must see for anyone who likes extreme independent cinema.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not Of This Earth (1957)

Well this is not a very good one. Produced and directed by Roger Corman the same year he would do Attack Of The Crab Monsters and this one pales in comparison.

This one tells of a ping pong ball-eyed alien who is Not Of This Earth. The bug-eyed alien is not here for pleasure. It is strictly business. He needs blood to supply his dying planet and replenish his own life form back to health.

Its a unique plot but it is paced horribly. It drags on and on and can become a real downer and this even harder to believe considering its only just over an hour long. While the villain is wide eyed and full of life I fear that I was beginning to drool on myself.

The cameo king Dick Miller shows up here for a bit of screen time and gets killed off pretty quick. As you can see Dick is sharp as a tack in this flick. Dressed in a black shirt and white tie, Miller plays an obnoxious door to door salesmen who happens to knock on the wrong door.

Our alien who mainly hides his big eyes behind glasses takes handsome Dick down to the basement and strangles the life out of him. I couldn't help but think that the alien in his glasses and Dick Miller in his new wave tie look like they should be in another Roger Corman flick. Perhaps a rock & roll movie.

Not Of This Earth also offers up typically shitty looking monster that flies around and sucks the life from its victims. The monster looks more like a 50's style lampshade then anything else and all of these killer lampshade moments are the only entertaining moments in the whole damn movie. Unfortunately there isn't very much of this. The majority of the film shows our sun glass wearing alien just roaming about and being awkward.

They remade this thing in 1988 with porn star Traci Lords but I hear that version is pretty bad as well. Well at least that one offers up some Traci Lords titty action. This one is pretty lame all around and for someone like myself who loves 50's monster movies and Roger Corman alike it is pretty sad when I say stay clear of this movie.

The Man Who Laughs (1928)

Many of the horror films from the silent era come off more as very dark dramas then horrific by today's standards. The Man Who Laughs is a perfect example of this. Like many of Lon Chaney's classics the films are classified as horror for the subject matter and disturbing makeup for the time.

I'm sure The Man Who Laughed disturbed movie goers in the late 20's but one can't help but be reminded of Batman villain The Joker. The straight razor smile and the pasty makeup is still being used today.

The main difference between The Joker and this silent film is that The Man Who Laughed is a good guy, Who has been wronged from childhood and still suffers from a cruel society through out his entire life. He is a clown in the circus but this poor mans act never stops. He is starred at wherever he goes and the general public feels no pity. Instead they point and laugh with out a care to how "the clown" feels.

The Man Who Laughs is the offspring of a traitor to King James II. The kings noblemen throw the traitor in an Iron Maiden where he of course meets his fate and then they take his young son to a surgeon who will slice open the kids face, permanently disfiguring him. Then the disfigured boy is left to die in the freezing cold. The boy stumbles upon a woman who has frozen to death. The woman is clutching on to a baby girl who is still alive somehow. How a baby would out live her mother I'm not really sure but what ever. The disfigured boy takes the infant with him and finds shelter in a traveling Carny's home. The carny is shocked to learn that the baby is blind due to the fact that it was left in the cold blizzard for so long. Then he sees the disfigured boys face and automatically sees dollar signs. The movie jumps forward in time and the two handicapped children are all grown up and are regulars in the carnival and the disfigured boy is becoming famous, recognized as The Man Who Laughs.

The Man Who Laughs and his blind girlfriend plan to be married but things get really bad for them when a beautiful blond played by Olga Baclanova shows up at a local carnival show. Most would probably remember Olga best as the devious bitch in Tod Browning's Freaks. Olga plays The Duchess, a member of the royal family and for her own greedy reasons decides that she is going to marry the laughing man. Of course this will all end in tragedy and I couldn't help but be reminded of Lon Chaney's Laugh Clown Laugh due to the tone and similar plot. I also couldn't help but think to myself how much better this film would have been if it were directed by Tod Browning and stared the great Lon Chaney. This is the perfect role for Chaney and of course he would have brought a lot more to it.

The truth is that The Man Who Laughs started to lose my interest after a while. The story was interesting enough and there is a big cast with lots of action but it all runs just a bit to long for its own good. Clocking in at 110 minutes which easily could have been cut down to a generous 90. The movie tends to get a bit repetitive after a while.

The main high note here is of course the face of the laughing man but some of the other fun and oddities that this one has to offer aside from the Iron Maiden scene is, a dog named Homo, a mass hanging that leaves limp, lynched bodies across the land. Miss Olga (Freaks) Baclanova gets fully naked for the camera in a bath scene and a man has his throat ripped out by a dog (Homo) in true Lucio Fulci fashion.

Worth a watch at least once for those who can dig silent film but it does take some concentration to stay awake during the slow parts.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Faces Of Death V (1995)

If you are familiar with the Faces Of Death series and have seen FOD 1 through 4 there is absolutely no reason to watch this one. FOD V is no more then a badly put together compilation of the four films. The narration is constantly changing and it doesn't match or flow properly.

The Faces Of Death crew have done this before when they released The Worst Of Faces Of Death which was a composit of 1-3. Its as if someone said Hey, I know. Why don't we just keep making shitty tapes of previous footage so we never have to shoot anything again and we can still get a check.

FOD 5 has the infamous monkey brains scene and the electric chair execution from the original FOD. It takes a lot of the slaughter house footage from Faces Of Death II. We get to see the deadly rattle snake bite again from FOD 3 but most of the footage is taken from Faces Of Death IV. The mental hospital murder, the giant radioactive leech, the Satanic decapitations and the mutilated puppy will pop up again. This makes me never want to see part 6 which I believe is just another mix and match pile of shit.

Stick with 1-4 and avoid this turd.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day Of The Animals (1977)

The great William Girdler would follow his highly successful nature gone wrong film Grizzly with another animals run amok flick called Day Of The Animals. Also known as Something Is Out There, Day Of The Animals is way inferior to Grizzly but still holds that campy William (Three On A Meathook) Girdler charm.

Day Of The Animals is often mistaken as a sequel to Grizzly but this of course is false. It was just an attempt for the director to try to cash in on his own success. To further confuse people Christopher George is again casted as the lead but this time he is leading a group of city-folk assholes on a nature hike through the mountains. Amongst the hikers is Lynda Day George who I remember best for another role she played besides Christopher George in a trashy little Spanish slasher called Pieces, where she would scream "Bastarrrrds" over and over and over again.

Andrew Stevens (Massacre At Central High) gets killed with a sharp stick through the guts and to make things even better  Leslie Nielsen plays a psychopathic scum bag on a power trip but we will get back to him later.

I have to laugh that people went to go see this thing, thinking it was a sequel to Grizzly. It is as far from a sequel as possible. This thing plays more like a remake of Frogs then another giant killer bear flick. Sure there is killer bears in the movie but that's because all of the animals have gone bats in this one. We have ridiculous scenes with rats being thrown at the faces of the actors. Snakes on fishing lines and many other very unbelievable animals attack scenes including a mountain cat that looks like it wants to cuddle rather then eat the actors on screen. Still this is all fun and those familiar with William Girdlers so-bad-its-good brand of art (Asylum Of Satan) shouldn't be disappointed.

Day Of The Animals is the classic tale of mother nature striking back against its biggest and most dangerous enemy, humanity. Despite constant warnings on the news that the animals have been acting kooky due to a damaged ozone, the city slicker yuppies venture up into the mountains where they will be terrorized by wolfs, dogs, bears, cats and birds. Remember in Frogs how the Frogs sort of seemed to be the ring leader? Well that's also going on here but instead of frogs it seems that the Hawks are sort of controlling it all from above.

Its possible that the poisonous ozone is not only affecting the animals because Leslie Nielsen's character although a total ass-hat from the start goes completely bonkers when he decides that there is no god above and that he will lead the group. I guess to Leslie Nielsen being in charge means running around with no shirt, screaming at people, beating up on old women and repeatedly calling her an old "Beverly Hills Bitch", smacking little "Cockroach" kids around, killing anyone who stands in his way and of course "Taking what he wants, when he wants" This of course meaning it is cool for him to rape the girls. Yep this one is before Nielsen would become the funny-man from Airplane and he does get a bit rape-happy in this one. For me all of the scenes with Leslie Nielsen are the most entertaining and gives Day Of The Animals a lot of its replay value. Nielsen's character of course meets a very nasty death. He is killed by a giant bear and hugged to death.

Warning : the video transfers of Day Of The Animals have all been pretty rough to my knowledge. Shriek Show put out two different versions of the movie on one disc. They offer up the theatrical print Something Is Out There which is very choppy, grainy and full of snap, crackles and pops. They also offer up the television transfer of Day Of The Animals which is by no means very good looking but still far clearer then the retro theatrical print. So if you can bare through the blurry images on the screen, some very bad acting and some what of a slow pace, you might find something that you like about this one but most would probably hate it. Probably only worth watching for William Girdler fans and anyone who just can't get enough of Nature Gone Wrong flicks.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Antichrist (2009)

Antichrist is visually stimulating with very artistic and stylized cinematography but it doesn't paint a pretty picture. Perhaps the only moment of happiness is within the first five minutes of the film and then it quickly shifts gears into a very sad and dark place. The film opens up with a husband (Willem Dafoe) and a wife (Charlotte Gainsbourg) making love. The sex scene is shot in black and white and at a rate of 1000 frames per second. In other words, its shot in extreme slow motion. This sequence shows hardcore penetration in a shower. As the water drops from the couples genitals in the shower, their baby boy is escaping from his crib in the next room.

The baby climbs up to a window, pushes it open and walks out onto the ledge. The snow falls down in slow motion and we cut back to the married couple which is now in the bedroom. During their sexcapades they knock over a glass of water and the water falls to the floor in slow motion. Can anyone guess what we will see fall next in slow-mo? If you guessed the baby, you would have guessed right. This is about the extent of happy moments that Antichrist has to offer. The baby falls to his death and we move forward in time to a grieving period for the husband and wife. The rest of the film will be filled with grief and despair.

Willem Dafoe's character deals with his mourning at a normal pace but his wife is suffering from what the doctors call an A-typical mourning. Willem Dafoe, being a therapist is not willing to except this and decides to treat the woman he loves most without drugs. Instead he journeys into her mind through psychology and what he finds is quite appalling.

While psychologically treating his wife Willem Dafoe's character learns that she developed an abnormal fear for nature while she was writing a thesis in a secluded set of woods known as Eden. The couple take off to Eden to free her of the fear that is mentally tearing her apart. While the husband is a rational thinking man the wife in the story is much more in the mind frame of supernatural. She says things like "Nature is Satan's church" and she believes that since a woman's body is run by nature and not necessarily concious thought that this must mean the nature of woman is evil. We soon learn that the thesis she was writing about was in fact on this very subject mater.
Antichrist will again shift gears into more physically violent territory rather then mentally. The couple will end up fighting for their life and there is some truly disturbing moments to come. We are haunted by visions of mutilated animals and death seems to be all around. A talking fox rips its own guts out and then informs us that "Chaos reigns". A doe runs around with a stillborn fetus that has never fallen completely from the mothers body. A bird is eaten by ants and shared by a giant black Raven. The married couple will also both suffer from horrible bodily harm. Both of them have their genitals mutilated in a ultra-ghastly scene and only one of them will make it out of this place alive.

Many critics have called Antichrist a misogynistic movie and I don't really agree with this. Sure the female character is completely crazy but the movie never portrays a message of hatred for women. I think if anything it would be more honest to call the film chauvinistic because it shows the male character as a logical thinking being. Or a more efficient machine but it never looks at womanhood as a monster. It simply tells the story of a woman who went bats-crazy.

Antichrist comes complete with so many levels of depth. Each one worthy of discussion and analyzing. There is no clear message that is spelled out for the audience. Its a dark piece of art that came from the mind of Lars Von Trier who was in a very dark place himself. He made the movie as a personal experiment to help himself through his state of anxiety and depression. His own monsters have definitely made its way into the final product.

Watch this one with your best girl but I dare you to sleep comfortably when its all over.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Run Virgin Run (1970)

Want to talk about dumb plots? Well the German sexploitation film Run Virgin Run just might take the cake. This one takes place in a small forgotten German village that is made up of old men and young women. The men believe that they were blessed with a natural aphrodisiac that blows in the wind and makes them the most fertile people in the country. The aphrodisiac is called "The Fern" and we have to hear about the Fern over and over again.

It turns out that there is no such thing as the Fern and it is in fact one young man who is impregnating all of the men's younger wives. The women of the village of course keep this a secret from their old-timer husbands so that they can get pleasure any time from the only young man in the whole town.

As I mentioned, this is really an idiotic plot and while it is all rather repetitive I sort of enjoyed this one. Run Virgin Run came as a second feature on a Seduction Cinema's dvd with the awful 70's sci-fi sex comedy 2069 : A Sex Odyssey. Well I guess my money wasn't completely wasted because I got a few chuckles out of the movie in discussion.

Now don't get me wrong, Run Virgin Run is no masterpiece. In fact it is pretty rough around the edges and I'm sure most would rather pull teeth then sit through the entire feature without fast forwarding but it still holds a certain charm in its dumbness.

We have plenty of naked females to look at and some of them are pretty nice looking. We have a silly narrator who explains what is happening as if the audience could not grasp the complexity of the story, we have a prude business man who wont sleep with his hot secretary and there is lots of sexism towards women. However I find this pretty funny because when it is all said and done the joke is on the men. These clowns walk around thinking they are great lovers while their wives are getting laid by a much better lover who remains passive and really doesn't share the same politics as the rest of the morons in his hood. The movie also seems to have an anti marriage message that runs with it but perhaps I am thinking a little far into what might be the worlds dumbest sexploitation flick.

The Ribald Tales Of Robin Hood (1969)

Yeah, I know that The Ribald Tales Of Robin Hood is a pretty bad title for a sexploitation movie. Its okay because the movie is pretty bad as well. This one also went under the title of The Erotic Adventures Of Robin Hood which of course is the better and more exploitative title.

It takes a certain kind of pervert to think stuff like this up. I personally would never in a million years think to take the classic tale of Robin Hood and bring it in a hyper sexed direction.

The Ribald Tales or The Erotic Adventures, what ever you want to call it is jam packed with naked women and sex scenes. Of course Robin and His Lusty Men leave their spandex on through all of the sexcapades but hey, fans of 60's sexploitation movies should be used to this sort of thing by now. No, the problem here is not within the spandex. It is really all in the slow pacing and the boredom of the sex scenes. I personally feel that this one had a lot of potential but just slacked off with hack-job film makers who did not care what the final product looks like.

In the films defense it is far better then the seeming endless supply of fuck-tapes that come out in the porno world today and the countless modern XXX parodies that are even more amateurish and certainly lacking in creativity.

This movie actually offers up some pretty funny moments. One in particular is a far shot of a priest praying. It looks as if he is really fat but as the camera pulls in closer and closer we soon realize that there is a Bawdy Wench underneath the priests robe. The movie also scores points for its sheer bad taste. Everybody in this movie is pretty rape happy, including our hero Robin Hood. In one scene Robin Hood threatens to rape his lover because he believes that she betrayed him. Then he smacks her around a bit. Aside from all the crazy rape stuff going on we also have an exceptionally trashy scene that shows a woman tied up and tortured in the dungeon of Robin Hood's arch enemy Prince John. The woman is forced to preform oral sex on a sick and depraved lesbian.

The only problem is that these vile aspects were better on paper then on actual film. I can't help but wonder how this movie would have turned out if a more interesting director was in control, like Jesus Franco. This might have even turned out to have been a well praised cult classic but instead it is a schlocky mess and pretty painful to make it all the way through without drooling on yourself. I suppose it doesn't help that the Something Weird Video vhs that I picked up is severely drained of color and suffers from audio problems.

This one was a giant waste of time and I can only hope that The Erotic Adventures Of Zoro is a better watch.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Like A Virgin (1985)

1985 was porn star Christy Canyon's most busy year. In this year alone she did somewhere around 45 movies. Of course almost all of them are complete shit and should be called fuck-tapes rather then movies, as goes for most 80's pornography. Still none the less, melon heavy breasted Canyon was at the height of her raunchy career.

You would think with a title like Like A Virgin you would get a bunch of dumb new wave bitches with big teased out Madonna hair right? Well you don't. What you do get is Peter North as a white collar worker who's wife doesn't give him any ass. Well lucky for money-shot North, Christy Canyon is a new employee at his office building and this means he will be getting plenty of ass. Wait a minute, this is Christy Canyon we are talking about... I meant to say he will be getting plenty of tit.

This is about the extent of the plot here. There is about a total of two locations in the whole movie and the acting is awful with a capital A.

2069 : A Sex Odyssey (1974)

These 70's sex comedies sure can be a rough sit. 2069: A Sex Odyssey is pretty painful all the way through. The general idea is to make a movie that is sexy and funny at the same time. This one manages to fail in both categories.

The famous saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus proves to be only half right in this German sexploitation flick.

Venus is populated by women in shinny helmets and sparkley makeup. They head to planet Earth to find men and learn the purpose of the sex organs.

Well the alien babes make their landing and they do find men. Some get naked and some we wish would just leave their clothes on. There really isn't to much going on here in the writing department. The plot is paper thin and my 77 minute version feels like it drags on for a lifetime.

There were a whole slew of these softcore and hardcore Star Wars influenced exploitation flicks made but 2069 : A Sex Odyssey is probably the worst I have seen to date.

For a much better time you might want to check out Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman which would come out one year after the release of this piece of trash. That one offers up some laughs and the naked female flesh is much nicer to look at as well. Or you could always check out Ultra Flesh for some hardcore intergalactic fun with Seka and Jamie Gillis. Even Louis De Jesus from Blood Sucking Freaks shows up in that one for some under the table sex antics. This movie on the other hand has nothing to offer but a wasted hour or so and a Shelly Winters look alike who has the audacity to take her swinging utters out. Plus the whole thing takes place in the snow. The naked women look as misserable in the cold as I was watching it.

The Malicious Whore (1979)

Most would probably remember Andrea Bianchi best as the sleazy director who did Burial Ground and Strip Nude For The Killer. Bianchi proves yet again that he is a master in the ways of Eurotrash with Malabimba, also known as The Malicious Whore.

Malabimba is pure exhibitionism disguised as an Exorcist ripoff. Sure we have a demon possessed teenage girl but the soul purpose of this movie is to show full fledged female nudity.

The movie starts off with a typically cheesy Italian seance and Bimba, the youngest girl in the house becomes possessed by a an evil force. The demon within Bimba turns her into a total nymphomaniac. She spies on her uncle and his lover and in the uncut version we are treated to some XXX hardcore action. She gets naked at house parties but unfortunately doesn't piss on the carpet in front of a priest.

Bimba is so horny that she sinks to the level of fucking her stuffed animals. She cuts the crotch open on her favorite teddy bear and shoves a candle stick between his legs. I'm sure you can figure out what shes planning on doing next. She even masturbates with a smurf looking stuffed animal.

Its not long before Bimba is down in the basement and performing some oral sex on a bed ridden, crippled relative. She is caught with the meat in her mouth by Mariangela Giordano who I remember best as the hot mom who has her titty eaten by her zombie son in Burial Ground. This time around Mirangela plays a nun by the name of Sister Sofia and our sleazy version of The Exorcist makes its way into Nunsploitation territory.

Sister Sofia does her best to warn the family of Bimba's evil ways but its not long before the nun also falls victim to the sexual deviance of The Malicious Whore.

It is nice to see Mariangela Giordano yet again in the buff and we are treated to a steamy lesbian scene. Oh and did I mention that Bimba is supposed to be 15 years old? Well of course she doesn't look it. In fact she is a bit boyish and the least attractive out of the whole lot. Still the age thing makes Malabimba all the more twisted and bizarre.

Aside from Seytan (The Turkish Exorcist), The Malicious Whore might be my new favorite Exorcist rip. It most certainly has to be the most erotic version I have ever seen and it comes complete with plenty of naked ladies, very silly dialogue and holds back on all the exorcism stuff that tends to make us sleep after a while. Eurotrash fans will love this!

Drunken Master II (1994)

Everything that was great about Drunken Master is pretty much thrown out with the bath water in this shitty follow up. In reality Drunken Master II is not even really a sequel. It's more like a remake or just another look at Wong Fei-Hung and completely separate from the 70's classic.

This one plays more like a cross between Bruce Lee's The Big Boss and Drunken Master. A group of bully-boy fascists take over a workers plant and force the blue collar men to put in more hours with no benefit. When the people try to revolt they are whipped into shape with some Kung-Fu-ery by the bastards in charge. Wong Fei-Hung (Jackie Chan) has his own run in with these bad dudes when he gains hold of an ancient Chinese artifact that they want.

Now it is time for Wong Fei-Hung to get to drinking and fighting even though his pacifist father does not allow either one. Well Wong defies his father and goes to war with the scum and we get plenty of drunken fighting.

The main problem with this 90's flick is that they went over board with the comedy. Where the original Drunken Master was very slap-sticky, this one is just dumb, obnoxious and even a bit embracing to watch at times.

They try to make up for this here and there with double fisted drinking, vomiting and a few cool fight scenes but still nothing that really stands out on this one. Skip it and watch the original again.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Faces Of Death IV (1990)

I been watching a lot of these Faces Of Death movies and pretty much shitting on them with the exception of the original in all of my reviews but I have to admit I kind of liked F.O.D. 4. It is just the same old rehash from previous F.O.D. movies and the reenactments is just as bad if not worse then Faces Of Death III but there were certain elements which give the 4th movie some replay value.

The first redeeming value that is noticed is probably the slick narration from the way over the top and as bad as they come actor James B. Schwartz who plays Dr. Louis Flellis who is supposed to be continuing the studies of death from Dr. Francis B. Gross who we all know and love from the first film. Well even if James B. Schwartz holds the record for worlds worst actor he is at least given good lines to read. Underground hip hop character Necro must have felt the genius of the narration within F.O.D. 4 because he uses a large amount of it on his Gory Days record for the song World Gone Mad. "We are living in a world gone mad. A crazy world. A world where death is a way of life. Every day we read of atrocities that numb our brain, but I believe to deny the insanity or flee from it is to submit to it and be at the mercy of it. One must study death in order to appreciate life. Come with me as we descend into a world gone mad." Pretty nifty huh? Necro would take more from the narration through out the film. Aside from the witty narration the reenactments are very unbalanced. While obviously fake due to camera angles and such some of the scenes are disturbingly graphic in a some what realistic manner while others are so ridiculous that you have to laugh. For instance the giant, radioactive leech which attaches itself to a swimming woman seems like it should have been in a 50's monster movie or something. What is this Attack Of The Giant Leeches or Faces Of Death? Then we get an incredibly fake scene where a Vietnamese family cuts up a puppy and cooks it up for some chow. A group of dumb drunken 80's morons run a girl over with a speedboat and take a little bit to much off the top of that mullet. Then there is a failed bungee rope stunt.  F.O.D. 4 sports an awesome scene near the very end. It doesn't look real by any sense of the world but I can see it being used in a Jim Van Bebber (Deadbeat At Dawn) movie or something. A group of Satanists are arrested and during the bust the FBI... and we know its the FBI because they are wearing blue jackets that say "FBI" on the back, find a mans severed head in a box which is supposed to be sent out to fellow Satanists. The FBI agents also find a snuff flick that the cultists made. They stick a knife in a mans face and the gore effects look like something out of a Lucio Fulci flick. Pretty bad-ass! The satanic climax makes F.O.D. 4 well worth the watch. I just wish they could have used some of these special effects in a real movie instead of a bad excuse for a mondo flick. Some of the other treats that F.O.D. 4 has to offer is a magician who has his achy-breaky skull smashed open in a magic trick gone wrong, a muscle-head who allows his friends to drive a pick-up truck over his mid torso, political war crimes and plenty more.

F.O.D. 4 also offers up some anti vegetarian nonsense as if the viewers are really concerned with the social politics of a Faces Of Death writer. Totally ridiculous! I knew sooner or later I would start laughing at these movies.