Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965)

Another 60's Roughie from the Great self acclaimed feminist Doris Wishman. Gigi Darlene (Rent A Girl) plays our main character here and she loves her husband very much. She pleads with him to stay home from work and roll around with her in the sack but when he refuses she finds herself in a whole world of trouble. She tries to go about her normal days business, trying on some lingerie and cleaning the ashtrays but when she attempts to go out and get some shopping done in her sexy attire she doesn't get much further then her front door. She is immediately attacked by a sex-nut with a broom and some really bad teeth. Gigi makes her escape but the nutbag blackmails her and attempts round two on her. This time he is less successful and our victim murders him. Now Gigi has to make a run for it. She decides to leave her husband and run off to New York City where she will meet every sleazoid character in the world. She jumps from house to house and bed to bed. No mater where she goes she finds herself attacked, raped, whipped or just forced out.
 Bad Girls is pretty much your typical Doris Wishman (Nude On The Moon) film. Shot silent, the camera never focuses on who is speaking, there is plenty of bad dialogue and a whole disarray of weird shots & cut-aways. I pretty much love everything from Wishman and I really dig 60's Roughies, so this one was a win/win situation for me.

Repo Man (1984)

This 80's cult classic is worshipped by punk rockers because of its senseless violence and bad ass soundtrack with bands like The Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag. It was directed by Alex Cox who gave us the other punk rock Sex Pistols cult flick Sid And Nancy. The movie follows Otto (Emilio Estevez) a angry suburban punk who hates his job, has no real friends and a shitty home life. Everything changes for Otto when he meets Harry Dean Stanton and becomes a repossessor. Now that hes a Repo Man he falls into a much more exciting world filled with drugs, sex, theft, car chases, murder and of course aliens. The great thing about Repo Man is how campy it all is. The movie never seems to take its self seriously and its filled with cheesy effects. Although the movie tends to attract sub cultured kids due to its soundtrack and nihilistic tone, its also worth a ride for anyone into crazy 80's camp flicks.

Alpha Incident (1978)

I really enjoyed this movie but I'm not exactly sure why. Its your typical quarantine, virus, epidemic film and it has a very thin story line. The film is pretty much all dialogue and it pretty much takes place all in one room but some how it manages to really hold your attention. I think the reason I liked this one so much was because of the character Hank. Yes sir!, Hank just might be my favorite tobacco chewing, drunk train conductor in any movie ever. Come to think of it all of the characters are hilarious here. We got Charlie (played by Ralph Meeker) a perverted old man who stashes his porno mag, whack stack in a drawer at work and checks out his young, not so attractive employees ass every five seconds. Then we got a suicide scene where a girl blows her brains out and that's always good for a laugh. Best of all it all concludes with a Night Of The Living Dead type ending and I always love those. So if you're into epidemic films and ya don't mind a bit of chit chat you might want to check this one out. Its not the best thing in the world, I mean it was directed by the same guy who did Monster A Go-Go but its a good time killer.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Predator (1987)

Id like to start off by saying that I like this movie but I am far from a fanatic. I always preferred Alien over Predator and that's mainly because... well Alien makes sense.  The basic storyline to Predator is that Arnold Schwarzenegger gets recruited as a sort of mercenary to retrieve some hostages in some jungle somewhere, but during his mission he encounters and battles a blood thirsty, killing machine, monster.
What the hell is the Predator? I mean its obvious that its some kind of alien because if it isn't it would be pretty ridiculous for some giant lizard to have computer chips and large weapons but if it is an alien what the hell is it doing in the jungle? Wouldn't it want to be in a more populated area if its so damn hungry? Even crazier, according to the hostage, it has been there for years. She claims that when she was a child the villagers called it a "demon".
The movie explains nothing and it just doesn't make sense. Its a good thing that when I watch a 80's action, scifi, gore flick I'm not looking for much intelligence because this is the worst screenplay ever written. What we do have is some of bloodletting and dismemberment. It also has a whole slew of really bad one-liners along with big explosions and action scenes, all while Arnold strikes pose after pose and finds any excuse to show of his guns.  So if you want a story, watch Alien. If you want mindless action and some gore this is the one.

I Bury The Living (1958)

They probably should have called this movie The Map because the whole stupid movie is revolved around a map of a cemetery. Not to mention the seemingly endless shots of the same boring map. The only thing they show more then the map itself is the little beads of sweat that is constantly building up on the main characters forehead. This of course was the filmmakers way of showing us how incredibly tense things are getting up on the Immortal Hills Cemetery. Come on, Couldn't they have showed us just one death scene? We hear a whole lot about how everyone who is listed on the map is dropping like flies but we don't get to see anything. Some how I managed to stay awake through I Bury The Living without fast forwarding at all but that doesn't mean I would recommend it to anyone. Unless of course you have a deep fascination with maps and sweat. you might want to pass on I Bury The Living and watch something better from the late 50's like A Bucket Of Blood.