Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ride Hard, Ride Wild (1971)

70 min Biker film from Denmark that doesn't have to much going on plot wise. It does have a few orgies and a sex scene that had me wondering if the actors were actually having sex. Theres also gratuitous marijuana smoking and lots of motorcycle racing. Ride Hard appears to be going nowhere until our main characters are attacked by a group of three bikers. The attackers tie up the guy and take turns raping his girl. First we get a pretty lengthy lesbian rape and then the two men have their turn. After the gang of three get their rocks off they try to decide what to do with her boyfriend... Should we cut his face up? Nah! Should we beat him a little more? Nah! Oh I know lets burn him a little. They warn the beaten boyfriend to close his eyes so they can burn his face with a road flare a little bit. The gang-raped girlfriend takes revenge by shooting one of the rapists in the face with a shotgun. The couple take off on the road and the other two rapists go free. Ride Hard, Ride Wild seems rushed and theres not really any sort of a conclusion. The director was credited as Elov Peterssons but is in fact cult/exploitation pioneer Lee Frost, who is responsible for tittles such as House On Bare Mountain, The Defilers, Mondo Bizarro, Love Camp 7 and The Thing With Two Heads etc. I think this is my least favorite Lee Frost film that I have seen to date with the exception of Zero In And Scream. Only worth a watch for die hard biker film fans and even they might be disappointed at the lack of story.

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