Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dead Alive (1992)

One of the best splatter flicks ever made. If you're into horror movies or especially splatter films Dead Alive or Brain Dead is a must own. Its loaded with gallons and gallons of blood. Its one of the goriest movies ever made. Filled with gut and puss spewing zombies. To even attempt to list all of the madness and crazy shit that goes on in Dead Alive would take forever. Its just a relentless nonstop gore hound delight from beginning to end. Some of the highlights is dog eating, a ridiculous zombie baby, impalement's, priest kung fu, castrations, decapitations, any kind of dismemberment you can think of, a huge naked mother zombie, flying puss, a lawnmower massacre, claymation rats, eye popping, face riping, exploding zombies etc. etc. The best part is that its all so campy and never takes itself seriously, kinda similar to Evil Dead 2 : Dead By Dawn but Evil Dead doesn't even come close to the gratuitous gore that Dead Alive offers. I actually got to see this thing in the theater a few years back and the audience went as nuts as the movie did. A fight actually broke out between some roller derby girls. It was perfect. Its always hard for me to believe that this thing was directed by Peter Jackson, the same guy who would go on to do Lord Of The Rings and King Kong (2005). I mean he went from doing some of the greatest practical special effects in horror history to making huge budget cgi Hollywood crap. If you're a horror fan and you have not seen this movie you must be living under a rock or something, Its a must see and so is my personal favorite Peter Jackson film Bad Taste. Put on your rain coat and prepare yourself for some serious splatter!

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