Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Day, Another Man (1966)

Another roughie from Doris Wishman. This one is kind of all over the place. It follows two roommate's Ann and Tess. Ann is the Innocent,  proper one and Tess is the trashy, prostitute one room over with the annoying southern accent. Ann is moving out with her husband Steve who is finally able to afford the apartment she always wanted. We have to deal with some lame lovey dovey conversation between the two of them until Steve finds himself bed ridden due to some sickness that is never explained in the movie. How will Ann be able to afford the bills while Steve is sick? Ah she could always look to her good ole roommate Tess for some work and that she does leading us into typical Doris Wishman Sexploitation territory. This one lacks on the rough stuff which is a bit of a drag considering it is a Roughie but does have plenty of body stockings and 60's underwear to hold the attention. It does have one decent girl beating scene where Tess tries to steal a clients wallet and he repays her with a good slap around the ole apartment. Once shes down its time to stomp her arms a bit and give her a few kicks to the kidneys. The other two rough spots are very mild and tame for this type of flick. The movie also never shows any close up nudity. Its more of a tease-o-rama if you will. Not really my first pick for a Wishman film, in fact its probably one of my last but its still good for a watch. The runtime is only just over a hour.

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