Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Unseen (1980)

This one is totally a guilty pleasure of mine. It was directed by Danny Steinmann who went on to do Savage Streets with Linda Blair and Friday The 13th part 5: The New Beginning. Its to bad he didn't do more because all three of these films are a lot of fun. It also stars Barbara Bach who is always nice to look at, especially if you're into hot skeletor looking chicks. The movie also stars one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure actors, Sydney Lassick who I usually call the pussy version of Ernest Borgnine. Most would probably remember Sydney Lassick better as the teacher in Carrie who makes fun of Sissy Spacek and Tommie Ross stands up for her. Or better yet, you might remember the pussy Bourgnine from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest as the Sol Rossenberg sounding patient who has a shit fit and whines about his cigarettes. Anyway Sydney Lassick plays a ultra-weird creepoid who allows three, pretty, young news reporters stay at his house along with his sister (yep you guessed it. There is an incestuous relationship going on here) and his deformed son who remains Unseen until the films final. Two of the girls get knocked off pretty quick. One gets pulled down into a register grate in the floor by the "Unseen" and snaps her neck and the other has her scarf pulled down into the register and she has her face smashed into the floor a few times. Unfortunately neither one of these scenes are very gory but there is some nudity going on. The most gore we see at this point in the film is a chicken that gets its head cut off. Also in between the murder scenes we get the background story on the incestuous brother and sister. Apparently Ernest raped his sister and when she gets pregnant her father tries to castrate young Ernest. So Ernest kills his old man and keeps the body. The movie is rather average up until the final when we finally get to see junior. The Unseen might have been intended to be a horror film but when Barbara Bach finally comes face to face with the retardo-incest-offspring it becomes a non stop laugh. Everyone needs to see this movie once just for the incredible climax!

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  1. Wait, Sydney Lassick actually starred in a movie? I have to see this.