Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obscene House (1969)

Where do I even start. This sexploitation flick has absolutely no depth to it and I don't even know where to begin explaining how odd it really is... Obscene House is about a big fat pimp named Jo Ann or "Fat Momma" who runs a brothel. The movie was shot silently so the only way we know what is happening is from the narration of Fat Momma, which isn't very unusual for a 60's Sexploitation film. Fat Momma explains what goes on in a typical day in the Obscene House.
Right in the beginning of the film we have a lesbian-prostitute-orgy, where the girls (two at a time) rub their nipples against each others (with no hands), its to bad they couldn't afford to do second takes because these girls have the worst coordination and they lose balance and its just really silly watching these girls trying to get their nipples to touch. Okay moving on from the nipple scene, we see right away that this thing is not quite a Nudie-Cutie flick because of the intensity of the sex scenes but also Porno will still not be legal for a few years. So some girls lick belly's and other body parts but stay very far away from the important parts, while others fake the licking and kissing. This comes off very strange in a scene where two girls are supposed to be kissing. It looks more like they are sniffing each others cheeks.
Obscene House gets pretty boring pretty quick and I found myself staring at the screen just waiting for another ridiculous sex scene. Another scene that I found to be totally strange was this palm licking scene... A girl spends a few solid run time minutes licking a bearded mans palm. After she gives the palm a nice tonguing she sucks each finger one by one and then sucks them all together. As if this isn't enough hand sucking, once she spits all fingers out of her mouth she starts to lick the palm again. I'm sorry but this is just to much hand slobbing for me. Oh also the guy who's hand is pruning up eventually has a orgy with three girls and manages to fake every sex position in his black man panties. I know this movie was not against showing man junk because we also have an awful bubble bath scene where a limber man member is sitting on display in front of the camera, So why couldn't hand fetish man at least take off his man panties? Okay lets forget the man panties. Obscene House is fun for about ten minutes and then becomes long and boring. There is one or two nice looking girls, especially this one brunette with some huge ole milk jugs but basically the only thing that will keep you from sleeping is Fat Momma and some weird sex. Not much worth recommending here unless you really dig the weirdest of the weird 60's Sexploitation.

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