Sunday, September 5, 2010

Teenage Caveman (1958)

You have to love Roger Corman! He did this one the same year that he did She Gods Of Shark Reef. Teenage Caveman is your typical Corman film in the sense that it isn't good as far as acting and general logic goes but it is good in the sense that its fun to watch. I mean there is some really silly stuff going on in here. For starters the so called "Teenage Caveman" is Robert Vaughn and he looks like hes about 30. Teenage my ass. Also these are the most well mannered cavemen I have ever seen. They all speak proper English and their facial expressions can explain a lot. I never knew that cavemen made sarcastic faces and rolled their eyes at each other. Also most of these cavemen look like they go once a day to the local barber and get a straight razor shave. Hardly any facial hair in the movie. On the other hand we get to see giant reptile fights, huge squirrels, man verse grisly bare fight which looked surprisingly good for a 1958 B movie. We also got what we think is a crazy monster running around that looks reminiscent to the monster in Return Of The Fly. Towards the end of the film it takes a twist that I don't think anyone would see coming. It turns out that these cavemen are not from our past but actually in the future after mankind sort of fucked everything up with nuclear fallout and what not. Teenage Caveman also has a strong anti religious message to it, where science and finding the truth for yourself is always the better answer rather then listening to some law scribbled down in some ancient book. Nothing to exciting here but worth a watch for Roger Corman fans. Otherwise just go watch One Million Years B.C.

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