Sunday, September 5, 2010

Django, Kill (If You Live, Shoot) (1967)

Another Spaghetti Western to cash in on the far superior Franco Nero title Django. This one is a bit confusing because the plot is kind of all over the place. Over all its a very disjointed film and things seem to happen for no reason. Django Kill is definitely a movie from mars. Although confusing at times the story is strange as hell. It follows a half white, half Spanish bandit who is double crossed by his gang, robbed of his gold and left for dead with a bullet inside him in the desert heat. He is brought back to health by some generous Indians and he plots out his revenge with a pistol full of solid gold bullets. There is probably some kind of statement being made here and I don't really care what it is because by the time he acts out his vengeance and fills the bastards who fucked him over with gold, there is a whole new outfit of bad guys. This is where the movie gets really weird! These guys are a gang of homosexuals led by a ruthless gay bandit named Zorro, but this Zorro doesn't cut little Z's into the ass of your pants. Nope, This one kidnaps teenage boys and gang rapes him. Of course our anti-hero doesn't approve of this kind of thing and goes to war with the all black wearing, queer gang of bandits. For me Django, Kill is just a  Spaghetti Western but the overall strangeness and trashy story that it gives adds on viewing points. Some of the other highlights in the film is a really cool scene where one of the gay bandits is burned alive. We also have an exploding horse strapped with dynamite. Then we have a alcoholic Parrot who requests booze and in a drunken stupor mocks the bad guys and tells them that death is on its way. Quote of the movie is in a birds voice "I need a drink!" If not for anything else Django, Kill (If You Live Shoot) is worth watching for that one scene.

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