Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trasgredire (2002)

I often wonder how Tinto Brass is able to capture such beauty in his films. Of course the cinematographer on this film, Massimo Di Venanzo deserves credit as well but no matter who is operating the camera on a Brass film, every shot is perfect. This one is called Trasgredire a.k.a. Cheeky and if it was done by anyone other then Tinto Brass it wouldn't be worth watching. Its just a softcore erotic film about a French girl named Carla who moves to London. Carla's boyfriend is on his way to join her but while Carla awaits his arrival she is passed around by men and women who just cant keep their hands off of her.
Carla is played by a beautiful Russian actress who's name is impossible to pronounce, Yuliya Mayachuk. She is the ultimate tease in this flick. Every five seconds the camera allows the audiance to see up her skirt at her perfect ass, or down her blouse. There is no lack of full frontal nudity here, its almost constant but yet the way the film was shot would make this the perfect film for a Voyeur which is the title of another Brass film. If it wasn't for the amazing camera work and the stunning lead Trasgredire would be pretty dull. theres nothing to crazy or exploitative going on here but yet Tinto Brass can make a speck of sand on a actress lying on a beach look like a work of art. So if you like artsy camera work and ya like looking up skirts, you gotta see Trasgredire.

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