Saturday, September 4, 2010

Help Wanted Female (1968)

This is one of my all time favorite Sexploitation flicks from the 60's. It can be found on a triple feature by Something Weird Video along with Rent A Girl and the much more popular psycho, sex maniac roughie, Aroused. Help Wanted Female blows the other two films out of the scummy murky water. Like most films in the 60's roughie sexploitation genre the runtime is nice and short at 75 min but its packed out with all kinds of trashy madness and all sorts of weird happenings. Most of these movies have what seems like endless minutes of strip teases and then some whippings and violence to keep the average sicko pleased but this one just has a bit of everything. Sure it has the strip tease scenes and the Go-Go type dancing but it also sports a hot kung fu babe who will take ya to bed, then take ya to the floor and then take your wallet. Its also got some strange LSD use and crazy acid trips to Nazi Germany. Its got the abduction and murder of a high school girl. Its got a bunch of morbid sex fetishes and best of all its all done in this sarcastic, comedic kind of way without taking away from the film. There are a few really attractive girls in this one and one not so purty(kinda looks like the main character in Shanty Tramp mixed with Arch Hall Junior) but they all flaunt their stuff in front of the screen in trashy delight and on top of all this it even has a small twist at the end. Help Wanted Female is a great time for anyone who likes pure exploitation smut!

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