Saturday, September 25, 2010

Battle Royale (2000)

Battle Royale is a movie that I try to watch once a year. Every time I see it, its just as fun as the first time. Its almost like a really violent version of Lord Of The Flies (which is another favorite of mine) but instead of the kids getting stranded on a island, they are placed there by adults so they can play a game of survival. They have to kill each other off within three days. Only one survivor is allowed. If there are any more their necklaces will explode and everyone will die. The violence is nonstop because there are about forty or so kids per game. The kids are all classmates, so there are friends and enemy's amongst them. Some choose to commit suicide rather then participate in killing their friends while others get much more pleasure out of the situation that they were put in. The thing that makes this movie so cool is that every kid gets a bag with a random weapon in it. It can be anything from a machine gun to a garbage can lid. I have the full 121 min. directors cut so there is a lot more dream sequences and other back stories then some other versions but it does not slow the mayhem down.
We have three suicides by hanging (one with pants around the ankles and note written on toilet paper). We have three suicides by jumping one leaving some red stuff all over the rocks. Theres exploding necks with Japanese spraying-splatter-gore. We have shot gun blast to exploding head, Stab wounds to the penis, Theres a really cool scene where a guy gets decapitated and has a grenade stuffed in his mouth, then the head is thrown through a window causing a big explosion. Theres also a cool poisoning scene where a girl pukes blood up in her launch, this followed up by one of the best shoot outs in the whole movie. Every couple of minutes someone is being machine-gunned, shot-gunned, hand-gunned or being sliced and hacked. My kind of movie!

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