Monday, September 6, 2010

Inside Seka (1981)

Nowhere near one of my top 80's porn flicks or even my top Seka porn flicks. Actually this one was pretty lame. Seka writes and directs herself and I assume she learned her lesson because it never happened again. The movie starts off with Seka doing the dirty and talking dirty to her husband. She is reminiscing old sexual acts that she has engaged in. We cut away to flashback after flashback for each past experience she tells her husband of. She of course does it all. Threesomes, lesbian scenes, blowjob scenes etc. Its just your typical hardcore 80's porn flick. The few things the movie had going for it is a scene with Robert Kerman from Cannibal Holocaust and a awesome scene where Ron Jeremy is pulling pud while spying on Seka and her random sex partner. When he tries to join in Seka pushes him away and says "Go suck yourself off!" Naturally Jermey takes her advice and blows himself. Other then that in my opinion there was only one scene that was slightly arousing and its a Seka solo scene with her vibrator. Only worth watching for huge Seka fans. Otherwise there is nothing to interesting or crazy going on here.

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