Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brain Damage (1988)

Brain Damage is probably Frank Henenlotters best film. The cinematography is nice, the acting is pretty good and the colors are amazing. The bright colors really make this movie work so well. The plot just as crazy as Basket Case but this film seems to have much more of a message to it. The story is about a guy named Brian who makes a new friend. His new friend looks like a cross between a piece of shit and a penis and its name is Elmer. Elmer is a strange creature who feasts on human brains and uses Brian as a source to get around and help find his victims. In return Elmer allows Brian to place him on the back of his neck so he can stick his needle like tongue into the back of Brian's neck and inject a blue juice into his brain that allows him to see things very differently. The juice's affects is sort of like a psychedelic but the after affects is more like Heroin. Brian can not live without the blue juice and Elmer cant live without brains. Oh also the voice of Elmer was in fact the voice of The Cool Ghoul Zacherley. Some of the better scenes consist of a psychedelic-disco looking junk yard with broken down cars giving off some strange glowing lights, A brain-sucking-blow job, brains being pulled out of a ear, a ear being ripped off, blood pouring from a ear which appears to be gallons, breathing brains in a spaghetti and meatball diner, a weird homo erotic scene in a shower stall with a appearance from Zorro from Frankenhooker, a awesome splatter scene in a public toilet, senior citizen brain munching, 80's style bubbling head complete with one of the weirdest gun shots to a head ever in film history etc. and the best of all the movie has a nice anti drug message for the kids. So kids get your permission slips from mom and check out the positive role model Brain Damage...


  1. Good Review, Easily my Favorite Henenlotter Film.

  2. Yeah Brain Damage is pretty awesome. I really like Basket Case, Frankenhooker and Bad Biology as well.

    I was talking to Frank recently and he said his new movie should be out really soon. Its a documentary on Herschell Gordon Lewis called the Godfather Of Gore