Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Run Angel Run (1969)

This is one of the weirdest biker films ever made in the sense that it has a little bit of class. Usually these motorcycle movies are just exploitation flicks filled with rape, violence and sex but Run Angel Run dares to be sensitive. For this reason I didn't really care for the movie all that much the first time I saw it. I would much rather watch Satan's Sadists or Hells Angels 69 but I have become quite fond of this movie. It still has the violence and of course the rough biker gang rape scenes but it also has this whole subplot with a couple trying to make their relationship work, At times it can really make the movie drag but as a whole I dig this wimpy biker flick.
Run Angel Run follows a biker named... Angel and Angel is on the run from his biker gang who he betrayed and snitched on for ten thousand in cash. Angel's ten grand is waiting for him in San Francisco but his ex-club members are on his tail every bit of the way. There is one really cool motorcycle chase in the beginning of the film with split/screen being used in every way possible. Its a really cool scene that you just won't see in movies today unless maybe you're watching a Tarantino movie or something. There's also a typical bar fight scene which is expected from any biker flick but this time we have a go-go dancing babe shaking her ass in her purple leotard. The rape scenes although done very well are not overly graphic due to the fact that the movie unfortunately doesn't exploit many naked bodies. The movie ends with a big brawl, Angel versus his now rival motorcycle gang. Run Angel Run can be a interesting change of pace for a fan of the biker genre. I would rather watch this one any day over Easy Rider.
This thing was directed by Jack Starrett who has a few other biker flicks to his name, Nam's Angels and Cry Blood, Apache (neither of which I have seen). He also has a few Blaxploitation credits to his track list, Slaughter and Cleopatra Jones (not the best in the genre but both fun movies). Mr. Starrett also did Walking Tall : The Final Chapter which you can also read about on my blog.
So sit back with your chick and enjoy the most sensitive biker film ever made. Its one for the couples!

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