Monday, September 27, 2010

Through The Looking Glass (1976)

A cross between The Devil In Miss Jones and Night Dreams with a touch of Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders. Through The Looking Glass is a very dark piece of 70's smut with a lot of style. A rich woman inherits her deceased fathers mansion and her secret obsessive fantasies for him are growing until she sits in front of a old mirror in the atic and her father (Jamie Gillis) appears as a half rotten corpse and finger bangs her. From here on the visits to her childhood mirror become more frequent and with every visit she enters another world... A surreal dream-like world where perversion, fantasy and pleasure is always the main course. The movie works so well in the sense that every time we enter this other devious world, we feel very uncomfortable. The audience just knows that something bad is going to happen. The musical score mixed with the strange use of lighting really adds to the creepy atmosphere of the film. Jamie Gillis is incredible as the supernatural, demonic father and the supporting actors are all believable as well.
In one very strange scene we have a girl douching herself out on the toilet. The camera then enters her vagina and travels around for a bit. Similar to something you would see on a medical documentary or something. We also have all this strange perverse imagery going on, like Jamie Gillis screwing a mound of sand and licking it. Or a golden showers scene with two girls covered in filth inside a bathtub filled with dirty brown water. There's also some incest going on in here which seems to almost be normal for 70's porn. I also feel that Through The Looking Glass has a artistic message about people with to much money not being able to face reality and perhaps not being able too look at themselves in the mirror. One of the best hardcore flicks I have seen in a while. A must see!

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