Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black Devil Doll (2007)

People complain that this movie is totally racist, sexist and just 100 percent offensive. Some have called it pornographic and Al Sharpton of course is strongly apposed to it. To me this is the best write up or review you can give a movie. You just have to love a movie that offends everybody. The only thing is why would anyone be offended by a movie about a puppet? How serious can this movie possibly be? There is no point here, there is no message. Black Devil Doll is pretty much a filthy, disgusting remake of the 1984 shot on video, so bad its good, Black Devil Doll From Hell. For once the 2007 movie is better. Its filled with every type of perversion you can think of. Black Devil Doll offers us five rape scenes, Explosive diarrhea that can burn through locked doors, Sexy babes showing their huge fake jugs constantly, Sexy car wash scene complete with puppet masturbation, We have puppet on man anal rape, Strangled wiggers, the constant use of racial slurs, Theres an electric chair scene, A woman gets fried in the bathtub with the ole toaster trick, Theres a bloody throat slashing, A gory baseball bat to the head scene, We have a knife to the guts, A spaghetti Western style showdown, Necrophilia, Salad tossing, A arm gets blown off complete with splatter, Bullets to the gut complete with leaking intestines, We have a head explosion, Lots of jive 70's jargon (ya dig?), We have a suicide, A disgusting puppet child birth scene complete with umbilical chord biting and blood spewing from between the legs. Theres a sexy-lesbian-twister scene, golden showers and piss drinking, Puppet blow jobs and I'm sure I'm leaving out all kinds of sick happenings but I'm pretty sure you get the idea. Quote of the movie "Baby I say Nigga over a hundred times a day. Its the only thing that keeps my teeth white." Just about every line in this movie is hilarious. Its really the perfect movie to watch  with a few friends while knocking back a few beers.


  1. I love this movie. I drove five hours to see it in the theater with some friends of mine.

    Have you ever seen the 80's version of this Leo?