Thursday, September 9, 2010

Machete (2010)

Typical fans of movies like Machete and Black Dynamite remind me of the hipsters in NYC. They all start bands that look and sound like bands from when music was still cool. Its the same thing with these new homage genre flicks. The kids love the movies but don't watch the ones that the homage is being payed to. I have to say I really liked this movie. It was just a off the wall action exploitation film with a bad ass 70's vibe rolling through it. I always am partial to Robert Rodriguez films because I respect what he is doing but I always feel there is something missing from his films. The one that I really love from him is actually Four Rooms and I feel that movie is always over looked. Machete is probably my favorite from him. I will watch this anytime over From Dusk Till Dawn (which I only like the first half of). Machete was typical of a Rodriguez film in the sense that its so obviously not serious and he pushes sensationalism on the audience with the taboo subject matter of a illegal Mexican immigrant who goes to war against the fascist politicians who have it out for them. Machete is loaded with racial slurs and over the top violence and gratuitous nudity. Its got decapitations, all kinds of dismemberment, intestines ripping, weed whackers to the face, shit loads of squibs etc. The movie also had a strange cast. With Danny Trejo as Machete and Robert De Niro in the background. We also got Jesica Alba who is always nice to look at and she does do a nude scene in the movie. Then we got Tom Savini as a hit man and Cheech Marin as a priest which I thought was awesome. Unfortunately we also got dumb Hollywood waste Lindsay Lohan in there too but the film mainly uses her for a nude scene which is all shes really good for. If you're gonna use some stupid teen icon you might as well exploit her and get the nude shots (so I thought that was pretty cool). The movie also leaves off with a fake advertisement for two sequels, similar to films like Street Fighter with Sonny Cheba. I really wouldn't mind if they did another one of these.

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  1. Yes! Boobs! That's just what your reviews needed. :)