Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Manson (1973)

Out of all the Manson family documentaries I have ever seen, I think this one might be my favorite. This one is so good because it has a mix of typical documentary, interview stuff and a sense of art to it. The main reason I like this movie so much is because it was filmed only 3 years after the murders happened and Charlie Manon and some of the family were behind bars while others were still living free in the streets of California and open for very fresh interviews and for this reason we see and hear much more from the girls and the Family then Manson himself. The film also has this sense of danger to it, where Squeaky and the girls are almost threatening the film makers and the rest of the world while the freely wave knives and point guns at the camera's. One of my favorite interviews is with Clem (a Family member), It is so obvious how much influence Charles really had on him. He talks and acts just like his leader and he has some really interesting things to say. We don't get to hear anything from Tex Watson but do have a excellent speech/rant from Charlie near the end. The film also has these really cool psychedelic scenes where the camera pulls in and out of focus on naked hippies and horses while euphoric music plays. My personal favorite segment is when they talk about Susan Atkins aka Saddie Glutz and her sadistic confessions. Saddie is one sick chick but it sure is interesting to hear the stories. So arm yourself and get prepared for the revolution with Manson (1973).


  1. The director of this actually took all the extra footage he shot and put together a new film in 2000 called THE MANSON MOVIE: