Monday, September 20, 2010

Bad Biology (2008)

Now this movie is crazy. Its so nice to know that someone is still sick enough to do a down right sleazy, trash-o-rama fest. Bad Biology has all kinds of weird shit going on. It's about two sexual genetic freaks. A girl with seven clits and a guy who has to keep his mutant cock doped up in order to keep control over it. Who is sick enough to think something like this up you ask... In this case it took two madmen. One is the cult icon in the trash cinema world, Frank Henenlotter (The same lunatic who directed Basket Case and Brain Damage). The other is underground "hip hop legend" R.A. The Rugged Man. When two guys like this team up to do a project together you know its gonna be insane. One of my close friends helped out all over the place on this film so I got all kinds of great behind the scenes type stories from him. Some of the general madness that you will endure while wathcing this classless mayhem is a detachable penis that gets lose in a project type building and crashes through walls (similar to something you would see on loony toons) and rapes woman after woman. We also get to see some crazy birth scenes where bloody babies splat into bathtubs and garbage cans, We also have naked chicks running around with cunt faces. We have weird junkyard hillbilly sex, p.o.v. shots from inside vagina's, a crazy vacuum cleaner masturbation scene, teenie-boppers having conversations about the one and only John C. Holmes and his massive wad, shit loads of nudity and really foul language. Unfortunately everyone out there is not as depraved as I am but you could all take one step forward and check this thing out. The only real negativity I have heard from some people is they don't like all the hip hop in the film. I don't think it hurt the movie at all. I think that maybe if the movie held back on a little bit of the Ebonics it would have possibly been taken more seriously but how serious are you gonna take a movie about super human genitals?

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