Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mondo Cane (1962)

Mondo Cane the grand daddy of Mondo films. This is the one that set em all off! After this film a whole slew of Mondo Shockumentaries will come. Its no wonder why Cane influenced the world. The film is beautiful! Every shot is framed perfect and the music from the amazing Riz Ortolani makes the madness on the screen that much more powerful. Mondo Cane's narrator slyly comments on the actions of so called humanity as the film makers take us around the globe. We get to see all kinds of crazy shit. Some of the most memorable scenes are, A woman breast feeding a pig, New Yorkers indulging in a nice feast of insects at a high end NY restaurant, Dogs being cooked and eaten, A mass wild boar slaughter and feast, crazy religious nuts cutting up their legs with shards of glass in Rome, a under water cemetery bone yard for human remains, radiation and its affect on turtles and birds, German alcoholic's (just being themselves), Nude artists smearing blue paint on their bodies and humping a canvas, Sailors chasing babes in 60's bikini's, Bare breasted native/jungle babes chasing men, children cleaning human skulls, etc. etc. So yeah Mondo Cane is filled with animal violence, human perversion and just human stupidity. If you're not afraid to see the world for how bizarre it really is then Mondo Cane should be a treat for you.

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