Friday, September 17, 2010

The Violent Years (1956)

Written by your favorite toothless, cross dressing, idiot savant Ed Wood and directed by some loser who never did anything else worth watching. This ones called The Violent Years and its a teen delinquent film about a gang of teenage girl hellcats. The gang is lead by Paula and she has some connections with a underground crime ring (the ring appears to be one middle aged woman in a shiny dress) but Paula isn't really in it for the money... Shes in it for the kicks baby! "Shes a thrill seeker". Paula and her gang cruise around town and hold up gas stations, mug people, make chicks strip down to their 50's underwear, rape pretty teenage boys who are necking at lovers lane (off screen of course), and have really obscene pajama parties. The gang bites off a little more then they can handle when they invade the high school and smash the place up. Paula ends up killing a cop and two of the teen queens get killed. Paula also shoots and kills the older woman who runs the underground crime racket and steals her money in a attempt to flea the country. Paula is caught by the police and is sentenced to life in prison. This is where The Violent Years takes a very silly Ed Wood change in direction. Basically the movie becomes a sob story for neglected spoiled children. The juvenile delinquency is completely blamed on the parents. "We gave her a car instead of a hug". Then we find out that Paula is pregnant and is going to have her own little brat. The baby is to be born in jail. I think the better exploitation title would have been My Baby Is A Jail Bird. Paula ends up dying during the delivery and her parents try to adopt the baby but the jury finds them unfit to be parents. The Violent Years is only just over a hour and is a pretty fun watch if you're into silly 50's rebel rouser flicks.

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