Sunday, September 26, 2010

Piranha Part 2 : The Spawning (1981)

James Cameron delivers a pretty dull follow up to Joe Dante's Piranha and just in case if the first film wasn't dumb enough for you they decided to make the killer fish fly in this one. Lucky for me its not hard for a nature gone wrong film to please me. I pretty much like em all from Hitchcocks The Birds to Frogs (1972). I even like the really bad ones like William Girdler's Something Is Out There. Piranha 2 is pretty lame up until the second half. It opens up with a weird under water sex scene, where a couple cuts each others scuba gear off and then get down and dirty before being eaten by piranha. This is the only nudity that the film has to offer. The movie really goes down hill from here for a while with not much interesting going on except for maybe some bad dialogue  (watch for the dentist scene). It takes a while for people to start getting killed and then we see more of the ridiculous flying fish. There is some gore in the film and my favorite scene involves a piranha flying out of the guts of a body in a morgue and attacking a nurse. Another great scene involves Lance Henriksen jumping out of a flying helicopter for no apparent reason other then having a helicopter explosion in the movie. This ones really only worth a watch for nature gone wrong fans who don't mind brain-dead horror movies. I just find it interesting that the remake went with the end of this downer.

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