Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Demon (1979)

The Demon is one of those movies that i like a little bit more with every viewing. The first time i saw it i didn't really care for it with all the HALLOWEEN ripoff scenes but now I'm growing quite fond of the film. The Demon is basically about a depraved character (similar to the Shape in Halloween) who gets his rocks off by suffocating people with plastic bags and leaving the bodies to rot in various wooded areas. The majority of the film plays quite slow and the murder scenes aren't all that great, but the viewer is treated to a little T.N.A.,which helps keep you focused until the horrific ending. (and i say horrific in a good way) The films final consist of a cat and mouse chase through the house between The Demon and an attractive young school teacher who ends up wearing nothing but a shower curtain for the vengeance scene. (now that's original enough) Any way the school teacher ends up booby trapping the bathroom and bringing the Demon to a gruesome end with a pair of scissors to the throat. well worth the dollar i paid for it.

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