Thursday, September 2, 2010

Satan's Sadists (1969)

Al Adamson didn't exactly make the best films, with titles like Blood Of Ghastly Horror and Dracula Vs. Frankenstein but he defiantly made his mark in the drive-in world early on with what I feel is his best picture, Satan's Sadist. The Sadists are a violent motorcycle gang led by Russ Tamblyn (West Side Story). As the trailer states "they are a rebellion of human garbage" and they pretty much do as they please as they cruise through the desert. Tamblyn gives a great piece of monologue before executing a cop and his wife along with a cafe owner.  The Quote goes something like this "You're right cop, I am a rotten bastard. I admit this and even though I have a lot of hate inside of me, I have friends that are filled with nothing but love and their only crime is growing their hair a little long and smoking some grass. Then you come and beat down their doors and beat on their heads. You dumb ass cop. Then you put them behind bars and ya know what... They forgive you." right after this Tamblyn shoots the cop in the head. Supposedly Russ wrote that part for himself and it really added to the character and the whole movie in my opinion. Regina Carrol also plays one of the Sadists after all it is a Al Adamson movie. Biker exploitation films really isn't one of the best genres out there but Satan's Sadist has to be one of the better ones. Its a pretty violent film with some really cool fist fights, knife fights, gun fights. Throw a few rape scenes in and a really strange scene of Tamblyn shoving some kinda slop into Regina Carols mouth and ya got yourself an overall nice piece of trash slightly predating the 70's. Just make sure you stay away from Al's other Biker flick Hells Bloody Devils.

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