Friday, September 17, 2010

Another State Of Mind (1984)

This is a pretty cool documentary on two California punk bands Social Distortion and Youth Brigade traveling across country in a school bus and doing gigs. The band members were ranging in age from about 16 to 21 and these young punks had a lot of balls. By the end of the film everything pretty much goes wrong for them. Their bus breaks down, their hungry, broke and they start fighting. The thing that's so cool about this movie is the honesty to it all. By the end of the film even their friendships are falling apart "were not as good of friends as we used to be. Or at least not at the moment." We also get to see a cool show from Minor Threat where their mic. goes out and the audience has one big sing along. As the bands travel from city to city they meet all kinds of cool kids who allow them to crash at their houses and are willing to feed them. It really shows how the scenes may change but a movement the same. Kieth Moris from Circle Jerks does some really cool interviews but my personal favorite part is in Montreal with a interview with some street punks. You can really see the hard living that these kids have endured. There are parts i can do without, like these kids in a swimming pool talking about dancing and some lame goth kids crying. The movie does have lots of laughable moments even by Mike Ness, doing his make up and being all emotional. One cool scene with Ness takes place while all his friends are sleeping and hes sitting up writing the song Another State Of Mind. Overall its a cool interesting flick especially if you're into 80's L.A. punk or Social Distortion or Youth Brigade.

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