Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

"Surfers rule the beaches and Surf Nazis rule the surfers" Surf Nazis is a off the wall revenge flick about a black senior citizen named Momma Washington who gets vengeance on the surfing gang of fascists who killed her son Leroy. Momma Washington is strapped with a pistol and hand grenades and gets around on a motorcycle. This movie is definitely a lot of fun. Although the Surf Nazis rule the beaches there are a few other rival gangs. My favorite being a Japanese surf gang called The Samurai Surfers but none of the other gangs stand a chance against the Surf Nazis due to their strength in numbers. The gang leader is naturally named Adolf, and some of his followers is Hook, Yep you guessed it Hook lost his hand to a shark and now has a hook in its place. Then we have Mengele "the angel of death". Mangele is constantly being called a fag and in certain scenes of the movie he does seem pretty gay. The Surf Nazis also have a army of Nazi youth who unfortunately did not get enough screen time. Bobbie Breese (Mausoleum) also has a small part. She plays Smeg's mom. Smeg is one of the Nazis. Surf Nazis Must Die is a all around pretty crazy movie but some of my favorite moments are... A scene where a member of the Nazi youth steals a old ladies bag, spits in her face and says "share the gold bitch!" We also have a switch blade surfboard. We have some really bad kung fu action. A silly-ass Nazi-Mobile which is a van painted in camouflage with swastikas and shark teeth with a big sharks fin on the top. In my opinion the film could have been a bit more gory but we get a nice decapitation at the end of the film. If you like crazy-ass movies from mars, you should check this one out.


  1. I never really liked this movie very much for some reason. The other stuff Troma was putting out at the same time seemed like a lot more fun.

  2. yeah I feel like nobody likes Surf Nazis but I really dig it