Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Terminator (1984)

This is probably one of my favorite Hollywood movies ever made. I usually tend to watch independent films or B movies, or just trashy exploitation films but Terminator holds a place in my heart from my childhood. Terminator came out one year after I was born and I honestly have no idea how many times I have seen it but the number is really up there. The funny thing is that it was directed by James Cameron (Avatar). I really am not a fan of Cameron at all. I mean Piranha 2 is good for a laugh and all but Terminator is really his only good film. I mean the same guy shit out Titanic and True Lies. Not exactly my cup of filth but Terminator is just awesome. Yeah its a huge budget mainstream film but there is just so much cool things going on in it. Its actually got some gory scenes for a scifi action movie. The most memorable is the scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger cuts his eyeball out and drops it into the sink. Then the camera allows us to look inside the prosthetic head. We also have a seen where Arnold performs surgery on his bullet wounded arm with a scalpel and some pliers. There's also a scene where the Terminator gets hit by a truck and he gets up with a pretty nasty looking smashed up face. Schwarzenegger also makes such a good bad guy in this movie. He kills a bunch of people at random and when he does the movie almost seems like a slasher at times. My personal favorite scene is the police precinct massacre, where The Terminator kills over 30 police officers. Pretty fucking cool eh? Its to bad that James Cameron went to such shit and kept doing sequels cause in my opinion they are all garbage. The original really had it all, Great action scenes, it had some really scary heart pounding moments and even the writing was great. Its almost like a scifi, horror, action, drama. I don't care how much money Cameron spends, He will never make another movie like Terminator!

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