Friday, September 24, 2010

Nude On The Moon (1961)

Doris Wishman directs what is probably the weirdest Nudist Camp film ever made. While watching this one I wondered was this supposed to be a middle finger to the censors or was it just Doris kind of making fun of herself. Knowing Wishman it was probably the later but who can really say.
This movies called Nude On The Moon and it was shot completely within a Nudist Camp somewhere in Florida. The movie is totally ridiculous and insane. Its about two scientists who dress up like Power Rangers and take a trip to the moon. When they get there it is inhabited with bare breasted 60's babes in underwear that is way bigger then the space suits. The take off scene in this movie is great. One of the scientists kind of lifts his ass up from the seat and clenches his teeth while letting out a deep groan. The actor might have possibly shit his pants in this scene, If not he definitely farted. Oh also the new mustache craze is nothing new. Apparently in the 60's space-babes liked to make fun of men with mustaches and try fake ones on. There is just all kinds of weirdness going on in this film. Theres this old lady who walks around nude with all the other young girls, like nobody will notice that shes ancient. Then we have this scene that just seems so wrong. Theres young children in frame while a bunch of naked babes catch some sun. I'm not exactly sure what the law is on having nine year old boys in a nudie movie but they sure do stick out like a mole on a nipple. I also think that one of the scientists might be a kiddie-toucher because he spends more time looking at the little boys then he doe's all the naked moon babes. The best part of all this is that the two scientists didn't tell the world that they were going to the moon. They just figured they would take some pictures and they would show the world later. Can we say dumb? Nude On The Moon is the weirdest, craziest, most ridiculous, Nudist Camp film ever made... So take off your top, take a seat and enjoy your trip to the moon.


  1. Great crazy flick! Surprisingly, not so great to watch drunk.

  2. yeah, everything has its time and place