Monday, September 13, 2010

Martin (1977)

I never have been a big fan of Vampire movies but this one is way up there at the top of the list for me. Martin is one of George Romero's earliest films and in my opinion one of his best. This film totally defies all of the rules of vampire flicks and that's because we never really find out if the main character is in fact one of the undead. The film is completely open to suggestion and allows you to make up your own mind. What we do know is that the main character Martin, Vampire or not is a very sick individual. He is completely antisocial and has a intense thirst for blood. Weather or not our villain is a folklore style vampire he is still a serial killer and his methods are very realistic despite the bright red paint looking blood. He drugs his victims with an unknown source by needle. While his victims are asleep he cuts them up and drinks their blood and depending on weather or not he's in the mood for "some sexy stuff" he might necromance them as well. In the movie Martin swears that he is a vampire but at times it is suggested that he could be brainwashed from his seemingly almost equally sick grandfather. Martin also explains that everything from the Hollywood movies is all nonsense, Garlic, A crucifix, holly watter will not stop a vampire. He disproves what he calls magic constantly in the film. This also gives off a strong anti-religious vibe as well. Another thing that I find so interesting about this film is that Martin never seems to get caught for his actions. He only makes mistakes when he mixes with the outside world. In the movie he explains how he has never had sex with a living woman because he is much to shy but I think it is because he is self absorbed. Once he decides to try to be like other people, he finds himself getting sloppy. Martin is a must see for any Romero fan or just 70's horror fans in general!


  1. So how does it end? Oh wait there it is. :)

  2. yeah if you dont like spoilers. don't read my shitty reviews. I always tell the ending.