Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking Tall : The Final Chapter (1977)

This is the third film in the Walking Tall series and I really don't understand why everyone is so harsh on it. It was directed by Jack Starret who did a bunch of cool exploitation movies in the 70's. He did the Biker film Run Angel Run, two Blaxploitation films, Slaughter and Cleopatra Jones and then he went on to do the Peter Fonda terror on the road flick, Race With The Devil. Unfortunately Walking Tall : The Final Chapter was probably his last decent film.
Final Chapter brings back Bo Svenson from Walking Tall Part 2 as Buford Pusser the sheriff of a small town who goes way beyond the limit to bring his form of justice to those he feels rightfully deserves. This one opens up with a flashback of Bufords wife being brutally shot down and killed by his rivals. The movie is supposed to take place one year after this incident but it tends to recycle a lot of the same old bullshit from the first two films but its still fun to watch. Big Buford Pusser is running around once again with his big block of wood and smashing all his enemies. In one of my favorite scenes Buford makes an abusive father drop his britches Deliverance style and he proceeds who whip his bare ass with a branch pulled from a tree. There is also a sick 70's torture scene where a prostitute is electrocuted with two open wires that look more like jumper cables for a car. We also got a few good fist fights, a couple of car chases and shoot em up scenes. We also have some racism thrown in there, a car explosion and a bunch of over acting from Bo Svenson. Bo Svenson plays one of the all time best gay hating, fag bashing cops ever in a campy 80's Slasher called Night Warning. That one is a must see but Final Chapter is worth a watch especially if you like the first film.

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