Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rest In Pieces (1987)

Uninteresting ghost story from the 80's that doesn't make much sense, with some nudity and gore to pass the time. Here's the dumb plot. A woman receives a mansion from her rich aunt who committed suicide by drinking down some strychnine  . The woman has the privilege of watching this because her aunt was kind enough to record her suicide for her niece on a shitty VHS camcorder. The mansion is filled with butlers and maids and it also appears to be haunted by dead Aunties ghost. Right off the bat I have a problem with this movie because the exterior shot of what is supposed to be a mansion is about the same size of my house and its ridiculous. Well moving along in this piece of crap, eventually we find out that the butlers and maids who reside in the house are all ghosts and apparently killed themselves too. These ghosts go on a killing spree and one of the victims is the woman's husband. The movie takes a pathetic attempt at a twist when we find out that the woman's husband was not murdered but is in fact a greedy asshole who was trying to drive his wife insane in order to keep the riches for himself. yeah yeah its been done a million times before but this movie couldn't leave good enough alone because the husband has a change of heart at the last minute and decides to kill off all the others who were in on it. can we say dumb? wait a minute, if they weren't really ghosts, how does our main character keep seeing her dead aunt? does that mean her aunt was in on it too? This movies dumb and it makes no sense. It does have two nude scenes and a cool face ripping scene. It also sports dismemberment, axe choppings, knife stabbings, throat slicing, decapitation and a torn head cremation. The music in this movie is awful and helps ruin the few good moments the movie might have had going for it. The Director has quite a few horror credits to his name but the only one I think I have seen is Edge Of The Axe which isn't all that great either but its much better then this waste of time.

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