Friday, March 30, 2012

Diary Of A Serial Killer (1995)

This Chinese Cat. III film is pretty much a direct ripoff of Danny Lee's Dr. Lamb. It opens with the arrest of a demented man who is accused of killing 14 prostitutes and the entire story is told through a flashback from our sicko killer.

Diary Of A Serial Killer is pure exploitation. It is perverse, brutal and just plain sick. In some senses it can be on the realistic side with our over sexed killer being a chronic masturbator. "My brain can't control my body" While on the other side it is totally far fetched and pretty ridiculous. For instance he brings his victims home into his loft where he will rape, torture and murder them all the while his wife and kids are downstairs. Yeah I don't buy it. Our murdering scumbag goes by the name of Bill and is often referred to as "Brother Bill" in the movie. Bill has some crazy ideas about women. Prostitutes specifically.

Brother Bill hates prostitutes and views them as the lowest life form. He kills them so it is possible for them to be reincarnated and come back as something better in the next life. I personally believe that Bill is just a sick fuck who loves prostitutes. Or at least love to rape them, kill them and then chop them into little bits. His philosophy is just a cover up for his actions. He needs to feel that he is doing the world a favor, when in reality he gets off on sex and murder.

This movie blatantly rips from Dr. Lamb with scenes of necrophilia and corpse mutilation. Breasts and vagina's are removed from the body in gruesome detail. It is sure to turn a few stomachs. Especially for those who are not used to this type of cinematic trash.

Most would argue it but I personally prefer Diary Of A Serial Killer over Dr. Lamb. I feel there is more going on plot-wise and the movie never seems to slow down or bore. Dr. Lamb may have been first but this exploitative duplicate uses the formula perfectly. We get strangulation, murder by hair pick, murder by chop stick, fire crackers are wedged between fingers and toes and dynamite is shoved into a vagina for a nasty, mean spirited explosion. We have an incredibly sleazy scene that shows Brother Bill masturbating to bondage porn. His wife brings out the vegetable oil and lends him a hand. As she wacks away with the greasy cooking oil their daughter comes out crying. Mother waits for Bills O.K. before tending to the child. She pours the dirty dick-oil from the palm of her hand back into the container to be used for a meal later on. Now that's what I call an efficient house wife. We get lots of rape on display, a collection of pubic hair (the Japs would be offended), some gun violence, some nasty kitchen knife stabbing, lots of blood and it all makes for one twisted fucking movie.

Fans of this movie should check out The Untold Story also known as The Bun Man which is amongst the best of Category III films.

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