Friday, March 16, 2012

She'll Do Alright (198?)

 A french maid (Julia Perrir) comes to America in this euro-trash flick to make some money and learn how to speak English. She is transferred from house to house until she meets John Leslie and falls in love. There is very little plot going on in this softcore pornographic comedy but She'll Do All Right still manages to be funny. With extremely sleazy characters and crazy shenanigans make this one a fast paced good time.

Julia Perrir looks great and she has a couple of really hot moments. One particularly in front of a mirror. I always love me some mirror porn. Then we have these wacky scenes of old people being pervy. An old man gets a tit job. Another old man lives with hundreds of cats and steals lingerie. Then we have an old couple who reads porno zines while screwing.

I have never seen the hardcore version of this movie and doubt it makes it much better. I do know it is part of an Uncle Farts 4 feature film set which also sports the unwatchable Involuntary Bird. Thank the pron-gods for filthy cartoons and rare little forgotten gems like this. Filled to the brim with artsy-fartsy euro-shots and plenty of hairy beaver. Its a smut-fest to entertain some friends with.


  1. I found out a little bit more information about this one:

  2. Yes so this dumb little smut flick does exist in a xxx form. Nice to know

  3. Yeah, well it was clearly a chopped-up version we saw.