Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surgikill (1989)

I have known Andy Milligan to be a lot of different things. Depressed, boring, homosexual, weird, perverted, angry, drunk, inept and brutal but I never knew him to be a comedian. Surgikill was the last film from Milligan and although it is hard to pick his worst movie I might have to say it is this one next to The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!. While Rats is probably more boring it is still in that very bizarre Andy Milligan realm and it by no means is a pleasant movie. Surgikill on the other hand is a comedy disguised as a horror movie.

The 80's was a very silly time. For every great gory movie from the dreaded decade of big hair there were dozens of shitty comedies made. Surgikill is no exception. It is embarrassingly bad. Not bad in the sense that there was no money or production value but bad because we have horrible actors making dumb faces and noises with the intentions of making us laugh. Us bad movie lovers all know that this is a horrible idea and that we are much more likely to laugh at a bad actor who is playing it straight. When they try to make us laugh we usually put our head in hands and shake our heads in embarrassed disgust.

I will take just about any Andy Milligan movie that I have seen to date over this one. Guru The Mad Monk, The Ghastly Ones, Blood Thirsty Butchers or even Carnage would be a treat compared to Surgikill. If you like these really dumb slasher comedies I highly recommend checking out something like Doom Asylum and staying as far away from Surgikill as possible.

It does have some Three Stooges references and a transvestites nurse. This however is not enough to save Surgikill from the bashing that it deserves. I'm disappointed in you Mr. Milligan.

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