Friday, March 16, 2012

Swastika In The Hole (195?)

Now this is one of the weirdest things I have seen in a while. I can't find any information about the film on the Internet except for one guy claiming that it is from 1943. This I find a bit hard to believe but by the clothes and hair style I would guess it is from the early to mid 50's.

This short 9 min. stag film shows a man in a very realistic Adolf Hitler mask enjoying a strip tease from a fine looking Fraulein. The stripper removes Hitler's shirt and he has a giant swastika on his back. Next she removes his pants and his tight white underwear has a little swastika on them too (I couldn't help but be reminded of Sid Vicious in The Great Rock & Roll Swindle). Then she pulls Adolf ole boys Johnson out and puts a condom on for him. Yep you guessed it... The rubber has a swastika printed on it. Next Hitler looses his erection and he picks up a hand gun and blows his brains out. Not only is this thing strange but it is even shot well which makes me think it my be frome Europe. Artsy camera work isn't something you usually see in American stag films.

This is one of the best novelty stag films I have ever picked up. Its not very sexy and I am not sure what it is all supposed to mean or if it is in fact supposed to mean anything. I don't even know what country this thing came from. Either way this is an awesome relic and I am proud to own a copy of it, even if it is on some shitty dvd.

If you love weird stags and loops check this thing out. It is available as an extra on After Hours Cinema's release of Sex Slaves Of The S.S.

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