Thursday, March 22, 2012

Woman Of Vengeance (1971)

This is one hell of a choppy and grainy watch. Woman Of Vengeance is available as a double feature with Slave Girls Of The S.S.. Both of these movies are pretty much beaten to hell but Woman Of Vengeance really takes the cake.

I'm sure this thing didn't look all that good on its release in the 70's but the dvd is hard to even see what is going on. There are moments that are completely white. Especially the scenes that take place outdoors. These scenes are painful to watch. You might be better off looking at a white wall for a few minutes. It is loaded with burps and skips and the audio is pretty bad as well.

The story isn't all that great either but there is some amusing dialogue. Story goes something like this. Man hates wife. Wife hates man. Man cheats on wife with Rene Bond. Wife cheats on husband with his best friend. Wife hires man to kill husband. Husband kills them both. The scene where the hitman is supposed to kill the husband is ridiculous. Its hard to see what happens because it is so white but it looks like the hitman falls down a hill and accidentaly shoots himself. The husband then kills his wife and her lover with the old toaster in the bathtub gag.

Rene Bond looks pretty good and offers up a couple of sex scenes but that is really all that this XXX piece of 70's smut has to offer

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