Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965)

Another 60's Roughie from the Great self acclaimed feminist Doris Wishman. Gigi Darlene (Rent A Girl) plays our main character here and she loves her husband very much. She pleads with him to stay home from work and roll around with her in the sack but when he refuses she finds herself in a whole world of trouble. She tries to go about her normal days business, trying on some lingerie and cleaning the ashtrays but when she attempts to go out and get some shopping done in her sexy attire she doesn't get much further then her front door. She is immediately attacked by a sex-nut with a broom and some really bad teeth. Gigi makes her escape but the nutbag blackmails her and attempts round two on her. This time he is less successful and our victim murders him. Now Gigi has to make a run for it. She decides to leave her husband and run off to New York City where she will meet every sleazoid character in the world. She jumps from house to house and bed to bed. No mater where she goes she finds herself attacked, raped, whipped or just forced out.
 Bad Girls is pretty much your typical Doris Wishman (Nude On The Moon) film. Shot silent, the camera never focuses on who is speaking, there is plenty of bad dialogue and a whole disarray of weird shots & cut-aways. I pretty much love everything from Wishman and I really dig 60's Roughies, so this one was a win/win situation for me.

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