Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Run Virgin Run (1970)

Want to talk about dumb plots? Well the German sexploitation film Run Virgin Run just might take the cake. This one takes place in a small forgotten German village that is made up of old men and young women. The men believe that they were blessed with a natural aphrodisiac that blows in the wind and makes them the most fertile people in the country. The aphrodisiac is called "The Fern" and we have to hear about the Fern over and over again.

It turns out that there is no such thing as the Fern and it is in fact one young man who is impregnating all of the men's younger wives. The women of the village of course keep this a secret from their old-timer husbands so that they can get pleasure any time from the only young man in the whole town.

As I mentioned, this is really an idiotic plot and while it is all rather repetitive I sort of enjoyed this one. Run Virgin Run came as a second feature on a Seduction Cinema's dvd with the awful 70's sci-fi sex comedy 2069 : A Sex Odyssey. Well I guess my money wasn't completely wasted because I got a few chuckles out of the movie in discussion.

Now don't get me wrong, Run Virgin Run is no masterpiece. In fact it is pretty rough around the edges and I'm sure most would rather pull teeth then sit through the entire feature without fast forwarding but it still holds a certain charm in its dumbness.

We have plenty of naked females to look at and some of them are pretty nice looking. We have a silly narrator who explains what is happening as if the audience could not grasp the complexity of the story, we have a prude business man who wont sleep with his hot secretary and there is lots of sexism towards women. However I find this pretty funny because when it is all said and done the joke is on the men. These clowns walk around thinking they are great lovers while their wives are getting laid by a much better lover who remains passive and really doesn't share the same politics as the rest of the morons in his hood. The movie also seems to have an anti marriage message that runs with it but perhaps I am thinking a little far into what might be the worlds dumbest sexploitation flick.

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