Friday, June 22, 2012

Seytan (1974)

Also known as The Turkish Exorcist and that's exactly what it is. Seytan is basically shot for shot, line for line The Exorcist with much more ridiculous and cheesy special effects of course but that goes without saying.

While your average every day moron would probably condemn Seytan for its obvious flaws in production value and blatant plagiarism it is those very things that make me jump on the Seytan cult following band waggon.

Everything right down to the classic musical score is lifted from the 73 classic and it is a goddamn hoot watching these Turks do their best to play it serious. Seytan is never once meant to be comedic but if you don't laugh while watching this one you have some serious problems. I am sure there are a few bootleg copies circulating with more coherent subtitles but mine is all miss spelled and completely grammatically incorrect which did nothing more but make Seytan even more enjoyable.

Obviously Seytan : The Turkish Exorcist is more of a fun watch for true fans of the original Linda Blair flick. Its virtually impossible to watch the Turkish remake without visualizing the scenes from the more familiar movie.

Some of my personal favorite moments were the scenes where little Regan or in this case Gul is having the series of medical tests done on her. The needle is injected into the neck and the oh so memorable blood sprays out onto the white sheets. Then she gets a spinal tap but next we are treated to the shock treatment scene which is a laugh riot and has to be seen to be believed. One thing that I found very interesting due to religious differences and geographic's is the fact that the Turks took the crucifix out of the movie. However they couldn't loose the gory and shocking virgin-masturbation scene so the supplemented the crucifix for a book mark...? Yep they chose a book mark with a demons face on it which our you possessed victim would shove into her virgin vagina. Unfortunately the infamous "Let Jesus fuck you" was removed as well.

However we still get plenty of silly bed-thumping and I guess the Turks didn't understand the beauty of green pea soup cause they used some kind of green putty like substance. Check it out for a good time with Turkish devils and exorcism. Who says that remakes suck?

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