Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hollywood Babylon (1972)

This 70's softcore smut poses as a documentary on famous Hollywood scandals in the 1920's. The basis is taken from Kenneth Anger's infamous book of the same title but I'm pretty sure this was largely inspired by the 1970 highly controversial film Hollywood Blue which showed political and Hollyood scandals alike.

About half of the film is ancient archival stock footage from the 20's showing the actual stars. The other half is trashy reenactments of the supposed scandals that went down. This of course is just an excuse to show lots of full frontal male and female nudity.

Porno star Uschi Digard shows up for some titty action but there is really nothing to save this movie from being a boring drooler. The best scene is a reenactment of Fatty Arbuckle's scandal but of course this is fictionalized as is most of the movie. Fatty is hosting his drunken house party and takes a girl back to his room where he rams a wine bottle in places where it doesn't belong. The girl dies seconds later and Fatty is busted wearing nothing but his pajama pants.

We also get drug use, some lesbian action, a nymphomaniac who takes on the whole football team in a sleazy gang bang. We also have a sadistic, perverted film director who enjoys filming orgies and then whipping his cast members. There is a pedophile who marries a 15 year old. Oral sex, murder and it is all done in sheer bad taste.

This one offers nothing new. Another tit flick from the golden age of trashy cinema. I would assume that Hollywood Blue is the better watch even though I am yet to see it. Stay away from this one unless you are a Ushi Digard fanatic or a huge Kenneth Anger fan. Even so I should warn you to be prepared to sleep it off.

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