Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Ghost Of Marquis De Sade (2002)

The Ghost Of Marquis De Sade is yet another retarded mongoloid child from director Yakov Levi (Shameless, Tasteless).

This short film is set in a girls sleepover party. The three dumb bimbos decide to hold a seance and raise the worlds greatest lover from the dead. They choose on Marquis De Sade, not realizing who he is. "He's French, he has to be a great lover. The French invented the kiss". Well these ding-bats get exactly what they deserve when De Sade pays them a visit. An all night sex-o-rama with torture and S&M.

This short film is the kind of thing you would expect your 13 year old brother to make with his perverted friends on a home video camera. In other words it is pretty damn bad and it plays like something that would come from a perverse adolescents mind but then again that seems to be Yakov Levi's thing. To make things worse the director doesn't even have the decency to show naked female flesh. Instead he has dumb broads walk around in their underwear and kiss each other a lot.

The few highlights the flick does have to offer is a broom stick that is rammed up a sleeping beauties no-no spot and comes out of her mouth. There is also a bit of torture with a hot iron but there really isn't anything to recommend here unless you have the mental capacity of a middle school student who spends more time trying to peek into the girls locker room rather then learning. Then this mind numbing nonsense might be for you.

This can be found on Shameless Tasteless : Trash Cinema From The Soviet Union Underground dvd.

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