Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Like A Virgin (1985)

1985 was porn star Christy Canyon's most busy year. In this year alone she did somewhere around 45 movies. Of course almost all of them are complete shit and should be called fuck-tapes rather then movies, as goes for most 80's pornography. Still none the less, melon heavy breasted Canyon was at the height of her raunchy career.

You would think with a title like Like A Virgin you would get a bunch of dumb new wave bitches with big teased out Madonna hair right? Well you don't. What you do get is Peter North as a white collar worker who's wife doesn't give him any ass. Well lucky for money-shot North, Christy Canyon is a new employee at his office building and this means he will be getting plenty of ass. Wait a minute, this is Christy Canyon we are talking about... I meant to say he will be getting plenty of tit.

This is about the extent of the plot here. There is about a total of two locations in the whole movie and the acting is awful with a capital A.

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