Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We're Going To Eat You (1980)

When the average horror fan looks at this title they are probably reminded of the tagline for Lucio Fulci's cult classic Zombi. While the two films are worlds apart... or at least a continent apart. They do have one thing in common. That is of course flesh eating!

 This 1980 Hong Kong trash flick perfectly blends Kung Fu and cannibalism. A good friend of mine at Videodead blogspot recommended this one to me. He said this one is about a whole island of Leatherface's. I feel that was a pretty good description of the movie. There is a whole slew of these seemingly retarded cannibalistic mongoloids running around, grunting and groaning in true Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre fashion. We're Going To Eat You is highly entertaining with plenty of comedy, gore and surprisingly good Kung Fu. It is wall to wall action and best of all it is all done in bad taste.

The story follows a secret agent who ends up in a village full of Kung Fu-ing cannibals armed with meat cleavers. Along his travels our super-agent runs into a giant transvestite, a old-timer thief who always seems to get himself into trouble, a Chinese guy who looks a bit like Shemp Howard and a woman who eats human hearts. The only thing this movie is missing is some bare breasted Asian women and hopping vampires. For those familiar with the insanity of Hong Kong horror flicks, this one offers up all the unexpected mayhem that can usually be found in the genre.

We're Going To Eat You never disappoints and is a must see for fans of this brand of filth.


  1. Horny trannies, cannibalism and gore! Only in Hong Kong horror!

  2. Yeah man, guess you saw that I name dropped your blog on here?

  3. Yes, that's very sweet of you. I have a link to your blog on my page also.