Monday, May 4, 2015

Sleepless Nights (1984)

You can probably guess by the cover on this shitty video that Sleepless Nights isn't exactly a good movie. In fact I only own this thing because it was included on a Helga Sven triple feature. Wait a minute... Why do I own a Helga Sven triple feature? Oh well, whatever!

What we have here is a typical 80's, shot on video piece of shit. It opens up with a rape scene in which Lili Marlene is attacked in her bathroom by a pervert in one of those clear masks. You know, the kind that can be seen in movies like Last House On Dead End Street or better yet Alice Sweet Alice. Well anyway as the rape scene goes on it becomes apparent that the victim is enjoy it possibly as much as our masked rapist. Oh and while all this is happening our horny victims husband is soundly asleep in the next room. While this opening scene makes it seem that Sleepless Nights has potential of becoming a rough sleaze-fest, the movie shifts gears instantly when we learn that this is just one of the many fantasies of our main character played by Lili Marlene. In fact the rest of the movie will be one fantasy after another and each one is more cheesy and dramatic then the last.

In case you are wondering, yes Sleepless Nights is yet another shot on video piece of shit from the 80's. It comes complete with crappy 80's love songs and plenty of bad acting. Chubby German Helga Sven does show up eventually for a fuck scene but quickly disappears. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. In another random moment the poster for Abel Ferrara's Ms. 45 appears and I'm not quite sure why. Its not like Sleepless Nights is a rape revenge flick or anything. The only other moments really worth talking about is an incestuous scene where our main character fantasizes about blowing her "kid brother" and one particularly raunchy foursome where a leather clad bimbo demands her clit be sucked while her asshole & cunt is finger-banged. The dialogue in this scene is just charming "Ass! Cunt!! Clit!!!" repeat this about one hundred times and you get the point after a while. Last but not least there is this weird sort of artsy-fartsy sex scene on a staircase in which horny groping hands reach up in true Repulsion fashion. Wait why am I making reference to Repulsion? This movie sucks.

Unless you enjoy shot on video crap from the 1980's or feel the need to own a Helga Sven triple feature??? You could probably skip this one all together.

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