Sunday, May 3, 2015

Black Magic (1973)

Here's another off the wall psychotic horror gem from the Shaw Brothers. Typical of a Hong Kong horror flick Black Magic is all over the place with wall to wall mayhem and insanity. Warning! This one is perverse!

 So basically everyone in this movie is a horny bastard and this does include the women. For the sake of lust these hard-on's visit a Black Magic priest who is equally horny and perverted. For the right price this witch doctor will cast a spell and make someone fall in love with you. These love spells can last as little as a day or for a few years, this is of course up to the witch doctor. He also has the power to cast a "death spell" which happens to be his strongest spell. If the Black Magic priest chooses, he can kill you within three days.

   I love the methods and ingredients that the evil magician demands before casting a spell. It seems like he is just living out his own perverse fetishes. In one of the films most sleazy and memorable moments the witch doctor tells his client that he will need her breast milk. When she informs him that she is not pregnant and doesn't have any milk, the pervy old doctor gives her a concoction and before you know it this asian hottie is shooting tit-milk into a bowl. Now if thats not awesome, I don't know what is. Aside from all the hot milky lactation action we do have some centipede eating in this one. A Hong Kong horror flick without some centipede action is like a gay porn without mustaches. Its just wrong! So we do have that going for us. Oh and we also have a centipede puking scene as well just in case if you enjoy seeing it come up as much as it going down. Yum!

 We also have the expected hopping ghosts. I'm sorry they don't appear to be vampires in this one but did I mention this movie is perverted? This one is jam packed with bare breasted women and plenty of sex scenes. In one odd moment a woman has some paste shoved up her crotch and rice is pulled out? Not quite sure what was going on there but either way its bound to put a twinkle in your eye. We also see a human chin get set on fire and nasty moment where worms are crawling around under a woman's skin. I couldn't help but think how much cooler this is then the HELP ME scene in The Exorcist. Eventually a knife is plunged into the woman's back and the worms come falling out. Yuck!

Black Magic comes to its conclusion when we learn that there is a good witch doctor out there. Does he have his own movie, White Magic? You never know with the Shaw Brothers. The two magicians duke it out with some silly magic-fu and we all live happily after. Well that is at least until the sequel. I am aware of the fact that there is a Black Magic part 2 out there which I have not been lucky enough to see yet but it is on the list of things to do.

If you're a fan of this filthy shit, you would probably also dig Seeding Of A Ghost another horror smut-fest from the Shaw Brothers. However I have warn the Kung Fu fanatics that there is absolutely no martial arts in this movie and when I say none that means none. Sorry guys seek out another one if thats what you're looking for. Still Black Magic will kick you in the balls. This one is just great!

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