Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Childs Play 2 (1990)

Personally not being the biggest fan of this series or what I like to call joke-ster horror. You know the type, those Freddy Kruger movies and just about everything else to come out of the late 80's. However while looking at the Childs Play series this one isn't all that bad. I like this sequel much better then the original and that rarely happens.

If you are in the mood for a silly Slasher type movie where you don't have to use your brain, this one can actually be kinda fun. Childs Play 2 takes off where the first film ended. Little Andy Barclay has been sent to an orphanage while his mother is being psycho analyzed in some loony bin but we never even see her in this movie, so fuck her. Of course the authorities don't believe either one of them that they were being stalked by a possessed, serial killer doll and its not long before Chucky pops back up in the picture. It just so happens that all the news around Andy and his mother has made for very bad publicity for Good Guy Dolls incorporated. The company has managed to acquire the so called possessed doll and is putting it through testing to see if the doll was in anyway defective. Well for some reason the company chooses to completely refurbish the ugly red headed killer toy and before you can say "I hate kids" Chucky is back in the swing of things and killing off humans.

Chucky manages to track down his old pal Andy, who is now living with a foster family. Jenny Agutter who I remember best as nurse Alex in American Werewolf In London plays Andy's new foster mother. Chucky makes sure he gives the new family hell before eventually killing everybody off. The best kill scene is when Andy's school teacher has a bicycle pump stabbed deep into her chest and then is beat to death with a yard stick. Other then that most of the kill scenes are typically silly which one could expect from a movie about a talking killer doll that came out in 1990.

However the films best moment is the climax. It is a gory cat and mouse scene in the Good Guy Doll factory. The whole end of the movie is done in good splattery fun. Eyeballs are pushed in, arms are ripped off and we also get a really cool head explosion. Even if the whole first half of the film is mediocre to lame the ending makes it all better. Childs Play 2 also offers up a plastic bag suffocation scene, a twisted neck breaking scene, a stabbing and an electrocution. As far as this series goes, I stick with Bride Of Chucky and this one. The rest of them are all pretty lame.

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